Understanding The Technology Based Social Media Trends At Present

Social media and technology are the two most used platforms in today’s world. These two independently and together too, have had a supreme impact on our lives. Edward Snowden describing internet has said that it is “a system that you reveal yourself to in order to fully enjoy.” A research shows that over 85% of the adults stay online throughout the day. More than ⅔ rd of the grown ups use broadband from home itself and a continuously growing number use cell for accessing the Internet. Furthermore, the ownership of gadget has increased a lot over the time.

Understanding The Technology Based Social Media Trends At Present

So social media along with technology have become the key platform for the businesses and the marketing professionals to promote products and services.

Social Media Technology Trends

Some of the strongest technology based social media trends which are worth mentioning about are:

  • Twitter helped in setting the trend for the real-time functions. Here, the users can announce about what they are up to or what they are thinking about. This option was also introduced by Facebook through the Live Feed option.
  • Some of the businesses like that of the Monster.com have started using a completely developed feel like that of social media with regards to the jobs which they can experience with regards to the career based page and jobs. This is said to help in the improvement of the availability of the jobs.
  • Foursquare is another social media platform which has gained popularity because of its provision users to “check-in” to such places where they frequenting the most at present. Clixtr is yet another location based real-time platform.

Research also shows that it is mainly the young people who use most of the social media sites. Almost 67% of the adults are said to be using the social networking sites. This percentage definitely represents more than half of the US population. However, Facebook still dominates the social media platform.

So, with the continual increase in the social networking sites and its usage, new forms of technology uses are being developed every other day. In general, most of the social networking sites uses the concept which works on the basis of real-time web along with the location-based web. Real-time concept allows the user to share their thoughts and articles like that of the television broadcasts.

Furthermore, most of the businesses have started to merge the business technologies along with the solutions. For example, it is cloud computing which has been merged with the social networking platforms. Rather than simply connecting people who have the similar kind of social interest, or the companies who work on developing the interactive communities which help individuals connect on the basis of similar business requirements. There are even such companies who offer a particular type of networking tool which you can have an access to through the company websites.