The Student CEO: Launching A Startup In College

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To some it may seem that launching a business while pursuing a post secondary education is a recipe for disaster. This is simply not true. In fact, when you are a student it may be one of the best times to begin bringing an idea to fruition. There are many reasons for this that will be explored in the following article. If you have an idea that you have been wanting to take action on, it just might be the right time to make that leap.

The Student CEO: Launching A Startup In College
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One of the first tasks that you will undertake, after formulating a business plan, is to secure funding. Do not let this task be the end to your enthusiasm. It is true that in most cases securing financing can mean countless hours spent entertaining questions from a bank’s financing officer; however, there may be other options that are available to you. The are many options for financing available to you based on the fact that you are a student. There is also the opportunity to compete in the student business competition at your nearest small business office. A win there would be a good way to get a head start. You will definitely want to have your business plan done before anything else, this will help you evaluate how much financing you will actually need, if any.


If you choose to start a business while you are still in college, you will have direct access to others whose knowledge could be very helpful. As they are students, many of them will be willing to help in order to gain experience. There are also numerous clubs and groups that may offer support to your efforts. Some colleges and universities have actual programs that will help students who are launching their businesses while still in school. So check to see if yours has a program that can help you.


It is often said that some of the best connections you will ever make, will be made in college or university. While you are in school, you are already tapped into a great demographic. This gives you a jump over other businesses as you will have direct access to this market, whereas they would have to work harder to break in. Get to know people in your classes and at social functions. You may end up meeting someone who will help you grow your venture into a viable and stable income earner.

Some other concerns that you may have will be related to the actual operation and space in which to conduct business. Some who start their business use their dorm room, but if that won’t work for you there are other options. For example there are many businesses like The Hot Office that offers services such as desk space. By having an actual work space you will be able to avoid distractions. The other services offered may be useful as well, as you will not be able to be fully attentive at times when you have class.

Though it can seem to be a daunting task, the decision to start a business while you are still in college can be the best one you make. The timing of your startup offers you a number of opportunities that you will not have later in life including access to grants, and programs for student entrepreneurs. Though it seems that many businesses fail when started by those still in school, it is not everyone that flops. There is no better time to take a chance on your idea, it could be the next Facebook.

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