Increase Your Rank with a Satellite Site

You’ve created a website with some good quality content and have participating readers but there is room for expansion. If you are looking to increase your web traffic even more and make some money from advertising, consider linking a satellite site to your main website. Here’s how to get started with your satellite site so you can begin to improve your main site.

Satellite Site Criteria

A satellite site has a slightly different criterion that needs to be followed than your main site to increase your web traffic and ranking. First of all, a satellite site has to have a different yet relatable subject than the main focus of your site. Your main website might be all about music and concert reviews, but a satellite site cannot be directly about music, even if it’s a certain genre of music. However, the connection to music can still be related to the entertainment industry such as movies and television with a tie-in to soundtracks and theme songs.

Build Credibility

A satellite site cannot be just a basic website; it needs the same professional design and content that your main site includes. A site that does not look credible, even if it links to your main site, will receive little recognition and there will be little need for it in the first place. Be sure to keep it constantly updated with new updates too. No one wants to read old or past articles that are commonly repeated.

Each separate satellite site should have its own criteria and unique information set apart from other websites. This includes unique pages such as the About Us or Contact sites. Though you want to link back to your main website as the central hub for all of your satellite sites, still consider them to be separate with their own set of information to offer to readers.

What articles you decide to link back to will affect how others view your satellite site as well. This is very important because you will want to link to other sites than just your main site to build even more credibility with different topics your readers might be interested in reading. Be picky when selecting which sites and writers you will post on your sites. They should be a credible source with a good web design.

Increase Rating

The main point of a satellite site is to increase your page ranking and it does just that by helping you reach a larger audience who is interested in your industry. By hosting a main site and satellite site(s), you have the opportunity to use a greater number of diverse keywords. When viewers search for your keywords online, there is a higher chance that they will be directed to one of your sites. But to really increase ratings (again it needs to be stressed), they must be very diverse. Viewers will be using search engines to look for different keywords in your industry and if your keywords do not match up with what they are searching for, then you lose a good chunk of viewers because of it.

By deciding to build your own website by 1 and 1 and satellite site(s), keep in mind that it should help you to expand your audience, not cause confusion. With a good vision, working links, and content with a variety of keywords, a satellite site will help you get the page ranking you need for your website.

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