Cycle To Fixed Gear With A Few Simple Steps

Are you the proud owner of a multi-speed bicycle? If you are one, then there are various different things to bicycle technology which you should be aware of. Most are not aware of simple facts like how you could possibly change or rather convert a multi-speed bicycle to a fixed gear bike. If you are still not aware of it, then it is high time you took a leap into the technological aspects involved here and gave your bike a new lease of life. However, before you do this, ensure that your bike is insured. Confused? Don’t worry, you can now easily visit to Protect Your Bubble insurance to know more about how you can.

Convert your bike and speed up on technology

Well now, getting back to the bike and technology tryst, you can actually make the conversion possible by following the simple instructions discussed below.

  1. Be very sure of the frame: The very first thing you should make sure of is the fact that your bike frame is in good shape basically. The things you need to keep an eye out for includes whether or not your bike has got horizontal or vertical dropouts. Well, this is actually crucial when it comes to determining the exact manner in which you should ultimately be able to convert your bicycle. Of course, there are various types of bikes and things depend a lot on the type you are using. Find out more about this at
  1. Time to dissemble and remove: See, you have to dissemble the frame, so it would be best if you removed the current wheel from the frame. This is of course an effort that is entirely directed to keep the rim of your wheel intact. Apart from that some other changes are required in the form of hub, spokes and axles when it comes to conversion to the fixed-gear form.

  1. Get hold of the right calculator: You should then get hold of a spoke-length calculator. This would be necessary for determining the size of spokes. This is important so that you can purchase the right spokes and hub. Other than this you could also take your bicycle to a bike shop if possible for they should be able to help you calculate the same.
  1. Start rebuilding now: Once you have got what is necessary, it is high time for you to start rebuilding your wheel. This can be done with the help of spoke tools, hubs and the previous rim in concern. You should possibly install the wheel in the bicycle to check alignments. This is important for when living in a nation so passionate about cycling you cannot possibly go wrong. Find out more about the first cycling beginnings at
  1. Finally it is time for adjustment: The idea is to adjust the wheel within the dropouts itself. This is important for then the chain should turn out all taught. However, it should not be too tight as the insurance facts tell you at Also you should make sure of the fact that the bolts are tight enough. Make necessary adjustments if necessary.

Take care to follow the instructions that have been discussed above. Remember, the angle, frame and dropout are all immensely important, so you cannot really afford to neglect any of it. You would obviously not like to go wrong with your bicycle and that too for something as simple as converting to fixed gear. However, insurance is indispensable about which you can find out more at Enjoy your rides like never before!