Cleaning And Connecting Coaxial Cable Connectors – It’s Not That Easy

For the ones who are not technical experts working with cables can be totally difficult as they do not want to break anything. On the other hand, it is good to master some basic elements that will help you out in doing things around the house. The Coaxial cable is a cable used for connecting the TV service to your own television set, DVD player, VCR or cable box. Usually the wires are from copper and it provides direct input from the community feed. The signal wire is insulated so that it is totally protected. The cable will be encased in the sheath. It is important to know how to clean and connect the cable without any assistance.

The Cleaning Process

The grime and dust cleaning are important before you install the cable of you want to have a stable connection. You will first need to disconnect the ends of the cable. Use rubbing alcohol and moist a cotton ball in it. You should put just a small quantity of solution. Use a tweezers to hold the cotton with the alcohol side opposite to the tool. Rub thoroughly the grooves of the connector without breaking or bending the signal stud. You will repeat the operation until everything is clean. After that you need to let the connection dry out. You should never insert the moist connector because there is the danger of generating a spark that can lead to a shock or fire hazard. It could take about 30 seconds for the alcohol to evaporate.

Connecting The Cable

The first step in connecting the Coaxial cable is to determine which the female and the male connector are. The smartest way to identify the male and the female connector is to look attentively at their structure. The male has a wire that sticks out. The female connector has a space. You need to make sure that the connector is not missing, corroded or damaged. If this happens you can restore it by crafting a brand new end. You will need to strip the cover about half an inch. You need to do this with care while you expose the center of the conductor. After that you need to press the fitting into the wire so that the center will pass your screw part. In the end place the center in the female receptacle and tightly screw your connector. You should know that any cable of this type has the outer sheath that is conducted. This sheath is inside a material which is not conductive. This operation may be a little bit difficult at first if you are inexperienced. But with patience you can do it.

It is not rocket science to take care of your cables. You need to make sure that they function well all the time. The malfunctioning of these cables will often lead to poor quality in terms of video or audio quality. It is clear that by mastering these two processes, you will be able to have an easier life.

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