Best Jobs For College Students

A college student’s schedule can become overloaded with classes, studying, and socializing, making it hard to manage time with the large amount of activities in a student’s day. Many college students are interested in getting a job so that they can have spending money for pleasure and necessities. Although having a job on top of being a full-time student may seem virtually impossible, there are many job opportunities for students that can fit well into their schedule. Although there are many job part-time opportunities, it may take time to find the right one for your schedule.

Best Jobs For College Students

Library Monitor

This job is excellent for a student who wants to work but also wants to feel confident that he or she will have enough time to study and complete schoolwork. You will be asked to supervise and maintain the quiet library atmosphere. There should be plenty of time to read and study. Plus, the setting of a quiet library makes it a beneficial studying area for you. However, in other cases, you may be asked to organize books and check out books for students and faculty members, which might limit your studying time at this job.

Teacher’s Assistant

A teacher’s assistant job is usually exclusive to upperclassmen. Responsibilities include: giving out tests, handing out class assignments or grading papers. To secure the job of a teacher assistant, you can begin by meeting with former professors and ask them about any available positions. If your previous professors have not had a teacher’s assistant before, then negotiate with them about allowing you to help out during their classes. This type of job also looks great on resumes!

Tour Guide

As you become more familiar with your campus, a job as a tour guide might be an excellent job for you. This job is best suited for outgoing students who enjoy meeting and talking to people about all the wonderful opportunities of their college. You will never have to leave the campus for this job, and it will also give you an opportunity to show and spread your school spirit. Ask your college’s admissions department about job openings for tour guides.

Peer Tutor

If you understand a very difficult course or perform well in a class, it would be wise to use your talent to help other students understand the material. You can also negotiate your own hours with the student you are tutoring. An additional bonus is that you’ll be able to imprint your knowledge deeper into your mind as you teach it to another student. Putting up fliers can get students’ attention in addition to asking a professor about tutoring opportunities. You can advertise your tutoring services by asking your professors to refer struggling students to you.


For an off-campus job, babysitting is a great option. Depending on who hires the babysitter, the pay can be great and hours can be flexible. If you are babysitting at night, there can be a good amount of downtime for studying after putting the children to bed. Depending on where you are located, you can find babysitting opportunities by creating fliers and putting them in appropriate areas on your college campus (since there may be parents who go to the same college as you as well as in public community areas. A lot of parents may want to see references, so be prepared to have recommendations or testimonials ready.

Part-time jobs for college students are a beneficial way to make extra money, whether for tuition or other expenses. These jobs can fit nicely into a busy college schedule, look impressive on a resume, and help gain skills and experience relevant to a future career. Students who have busier work schedules may also consider the flexiblity offered by online college courses. Since every schedule is different, make sure to pick a job that is a good fit for you.

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