Why A Wooden Sign Can Work Wonders For Your Business

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If you own a business, you are aware of how important the right logo and design are for your success. Without the right logo, you will not be able to attract the customers who will purchase your products. In fact, a logo is so important to the success of a brand, some large companies spend millions of dollars designing new logos.

Why A Wooden Sign Can Work Wonders For Your Business

A few years ago, GAP redesigned their logo. The change was very subtle, but when the customers saw the new design, they unanimously declared it a flop. GAP quickly returned to the original logo to please the fans of the brand. Regardless of whether your business is as large as GAP or much smaller, a logo can have just as powerful of an effect.

So, why should you choose wood as the background for your logo and signage? In fact, there are several good reasons. Consider using wood in your design for the following reasons:

Wood is Original

Wood textures have been around for millions of years, but few people take advantage of the style and texture in today’s logo design and signage. Real wood can be a challenge to keep in good condition in outdoor environments, but you can use faux wood textures or imaging to create a similar effect without the hassle. A wood sign will help you create a sign that is memorable and easy to view because it will stand out from all the other hundreds of sign options.


Wood signs are easy to customize. You can use a wood burner to create a rustic feel, paint the sign a variety of colors, or even glue or nail other things to the wood. There are nearly endless options when it comes to wood signs, as wood comes in any possible size, thickness, and texture imaginable. Your unique wood sign will stand out from the crowd and your logo will be clearly visible among the competition.


Other signs made from plastic or even metal are not as eco-friendly as wood signs. A wood sign is not only actually eco-friendly and easy to reuse and recycle, but it also has the appearance of eco-friendliness. This makes wood an excellent logo texture to use for a “green” company, such as a company that sells glass baby bottles or traditional wooden toys.

Sends a Message

Using a wood sign sends a message to the viewer of the sign. The wood says that the company is sustainable, long-lasting, and cares about the earth. Wood also emits a warm feeling, showing that you will care for customers. No matter what industry you are in, using a wood sign will add to your business advantage.


The last benefit of using a wood sign is that the material itself is inexpensive. Wood signs are easy to make, easy to refresh, and last for years. You can save money by using wood rather than a more expensive material, such as metal and glass.

There are many reasons to use a wood sign for a business. Any one of these reasons is enough to choose wooden signs as the material of choice for your business- even with so many other sign options available.