The Dangers Of The Internet Explained

There are many dangers on the Internet, most say it is as dangerous as walking around in a bad neighbourhood at night time. Personally I think this is true though with the Internet you won’t come to any physical harm only mental torture if your files and data were to be destroyed!

The Viruses

Just like humans, our computers get viruses from all over the Internet and there are literally millions of them. If you think you have one and you know the name of it you can search it up and look at the encyclopedia, this will tell you exactly what the virus does and you can then look on how to remove it using the Google search engine, though most viruses shut you down completely so you cannot access the Internet at all!

– How You Can Get Infected

This is a tough one! I have spent many years in the dark side of the Internet being an ex hacker and it changes so quickly it is impossible to keep up unless you are up to date with the stuff every single day, by the time you have done a 6 hour sleep a few million new viruses have been released. The cunning way’s they come up to infect you is amazing! I can remember binding them into REAL software so when people run the program it did actually run and worked fine but the virus installed itself in the background.

You can also get infected by visiting certain web pages as they install scripts in the background that will run as soon as you are on the website, you can avoid this by visiting only websites that look genuine and of course not visit porn too much, haha!


Malware is a little different, these are still viruses but they are intelligent viruses, what I mean by this is, they are made for generating money for hackers or other companies. YES! Companies actually release these badboys to anyone on the Internet, they will open up a random popup or stop you from going onto their competitors websites and instead it will bounce you on to their own. You can tell you have one of these if your computer is acting groggy and slow or is acting kinda “strange”!

– How You Can Get Infected

I personally would say 80% of infections are from downloading illegal software / music and other illegal stuff. Most of these infections come from installing software on your computer, of course to stop this from happening DON’T DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL SOFTWARE! hehe, just my two cents! You can also be infected by websites too but this is very small as most of it is taken up by real viruses.

BIO: I am Sophie, an ex girl hacker! Though out of the world now I turned my skills towards helping people instead and I am now a security specialist. As a security specialist I always recommend you backup your computer at least once a week, for this I recommend Citrix ShareFile.