Email Marketing – A new strategy to grow your clientele

After the invention of World Wide Web and with the advent of globalisation and liberalisation, world economy is now depending to a large extent on E mail marketing. Not only marketing, the selling, documenting, payment, everything is efficiently done through mail. It is quite possible that the seller, the buyer and the agents do not ever meet, but the business activities go on smoothly.

Let us discuss about the email marketing landing page. E mail marketing is software specifically designed to perform as an efficient tool in marketing products through mail. It is one of the most efficient and sales boosting software. In a recent research conducted by The Direct Marketing Association, it is revealed that for every dollar spent on E mail marketing, there is a return on investment to the extent of 50 dollars.

Primary thing that you have to keep in mind is that here the viewer is invisible. You have got to attract the viewer to your page by means of the high lights of your product in a short and concrete manner.

Firstly the viewer should visit your page. This you must have done using the expertise of a good search engine optimiser company. Now let us start with a visitor to your page. The visitor expects a precise and to the point description of your product so that he gets interested to see your web page. Mind that the visitor does not have much time in his hand because he has to search out from a jungle of information. You know the best why people should buy your product and which segment will like to buy it. Accordingly design your e mail                                                                                            marketing page.

Once the visitor sticks to your page, he should be directed to the information he desires. For this you have to make discreet links, high lighting clearly ‘click here’, ‘more’, ‘click to buy’ etc so as to hold the visitor. Remember you are only a click away from your visitor.

The next important step up the ladder of success is the Landing Page. This is the page that can really make or break your sale and its effectiveness will determine the ROI of your e mail marketing campaign.

Your landing page may not necessarily be your home page. Your home page generally is full of aberrations that may very well distract the visitor’s mind and shortly he may quit the page. In the landing page you should provide specific links. The visitor will like to click the link where he gets his desired information. Say for machine manufacturer landing page, he will have links for lathe machine, milling machine, shaping machine or CNC machines of various categories etc. So a customer of lathe machine needs not to hover after other machines and go straight to his required site. You may have elaborately and carefully even artistically designed your page but the customer is least interested to know or look at it.

A good quality e mail landing page should have the following attributes:

Keep it simple. Time is precious and time is money too. You may have lots of information, even valuable too, with you which you would like to share. But be restrained and make your offer as simple as possible. As the flower bud slowly opens up to its full glory, you also have to slowly reveal your information as and when your customer is ready for it and in requisite quantity.

The extension link should be authentic. As soon as the visitor clicks the extension link, the right product should stare at him.

Do not over sale your product and scare your visitor. Author of the article is into marketing and loves to explore and invent new marketing strategies for all kinds of business.