Are You Aware Of The Technology Websites For The Kids?

In the modern era, most of the kids are familiar with the use of technology, especially internet. In this situation, the parents are still concerned as the kids are exposed to the world of internet. If the technology is used in a proper way, then it can be beneficial for the kids. Therefore, parental guidance as well as monitoring can help the kids to access most of the educational websites. These websites can help to increase knowledge as well as experience to learn about new topic they choose to explore. There are various websites on technology that the kids can find interesting to increase their knowledge. 

Are You Aware Of The Technology Websites For The Kids?

Here are some of the websites that can be beneficial for the kid to acquire more information on technology: 

1. The website “Lets end technology waste” is sponsored by Oracle Think Quest Education Foundation. Well, the main aim is to educate kids about how technological material is wasted. This waste end up polluting the Earth and add to the global warming process. The website helps to teach kids different process to recycle waste through fun. There are interactive games like “catch the bottle for making the world a better place.” This can help the kids to control the hand, so that none of the bottles go into the sea. The kids may earn a point on the basis of the bottles they catch and throw in the trash can. 

2. The website “ONR Science and Technology Focus” is actually backed by the Office of Naval Research. This website is packed with information on oceanography and space science. Well, the kids are usually fascinated with the animation gallery as the information is provided in the form of kid friendly animations. The website includes information on the US Navy like search Vessels like submersibles and surfaces. The kids can get more information on how these vessels are connected to Naval history. 

3. One of the most popular websites “Playful Invention and Exploration” is backed by the Science Museum of Minnesota. The website is based on the research that is endorsed by the National Science Foundation. The primary goal of the website is to teach kids on the basis of the projects as well as funfilled education. With the help of the website, the kids may enjoy inventing and exploring new things. There are numerous fun activities in store for children to try at home like making nightlights, alligator sensor clips and musical gloves. The kids are encouraged by taking a look at other kids’ project. 

4. The fourth one is the “Crypto Kids,” a website promoted by the National Security Agency. This website educates the kids on codes as well as ciphers. Most of the kids are interested in the secret world of messages and codes as well as keen to break them. There are many activities on the website like brainteasers, coloring pages, cryptograms and interactive games. These games are interesting as well as crucial for the mental development of the kids.

Therefore, you can keep the above mentioned names of the technological websites that can be beneficial for your kids.