All About GAMSAT

What is GAMSAT?

Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test, in short is GAMSAT. The test score of GAMSAT is used by the medical schools and colleges of Australia, Ireland and UK.

Who should Appear for this Test?

Before applying for the test the candidates should check the following criteria:

1.    They should possess a bachelor’s degree in science, arts or commerce securing requisite marks.

2.    Whether they wish to pursue medical course in Australia, Ireland or UK.

3.    They have a fair amount of reasoning faculty

All About GAMSAT

When to Apply?

Registration for the tests must be done by late January for Australia and Ireland. For UK it should be done by August.

 How to Apply?

The candidates should go through GAMSAT web site for details. They should carefully read the information booklet before applying. Registration has to be completed online. You have also to complete the payment form. For payment you will need a credit card. All communication in GAMSAT is done through E mail. Registration, Admission ticket and result are sent through E mail. So do not forget to give your current E mail. Please go on visiting your e mail for any possible communication from GAMSAT.

What about the Test?

 The tests are held once in a year. For Australia and Ireland the tests are held in late March or early April. It is held in middle or end of September for UK. The test is of 8 hours duration. There are three sections. There will not be any recess between section1 and 2. One hour lunch break will be there before section 3. The tests are to assess the reasoning ability of the candidates. This test is not for assessing the knowledge of the candidates. It is to evaluate the ability to use the concepts of basic science in problem solving, critical thinking and writing. Science degree is not a prerequisite for this test. Candidates from humanities and social science schemes are also encouraged. But their success is unlikely without knowledge of biology and physical science. The three sections are:

Section 1: Reasoning in humanities and social science

Section 2: Written communication

Section 3: Reasoning in Biological and Physical Science

 How to Prepare:

In the humanities and social science test, it deals with academic and public issues. More emphasis is given on socio cultural, personal and interpersonal topics. So the candidates must study various magazines on current topics and social issues. They must try to develop their own opinion and learn to express it in a logical and plausible reasoning method. They have to understand the subjective and objective mode of reasoning.

In written communication section it is seen how the ideas are integrated into a thoughtful response to the task. Correctness of language is not so important. The candidates should practice writing thought provoking essays in a comprehensive way where his own ability to coordinate different ideas into a logical conclusion are manifested.

In section 3 also the candidate has to prepare in such a way that fundamental concepts of science is crystal clear. Then only he can answer to the practical but simple questions asked. You must understand graphical presentation of problem. So learn graphs sincerely. You will have questions in following proportion: Chemistry 40%, biology 40%, Physics 20%. Candidates must understand that last minute cramming is not going to help them. For non-science graduates it is highly recommended to join basic science courses.

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