Advancement Of Technology

Technology in the Mordern Era

Technology today, you can’t escape it – to use it, to buy it, to live it and love it. So many possibilities, it’s impossible to live without and it advances so much, sometimes it’s hard to catch up. Android used to be the idea of a futuristic robotic figure, an example of human development in the advancement of technology. These days it’s a free open source operating system that can be used on phones and tablets and probably, even more to come.

Since 2007 when Android was unveiled it has grown into an increasingly popular software platform, at an affordable cost that has a high percentage share of the Smartphone market today. Its success shows with each new activation especially as the competition between technology companies increase. Designed primarily for phones and then tablets, additional applications are now coming into play with television, games, cameras, watches and more.

A popular programme that lets you access Google apps as well as many others, alongside a multimedia variety of music, songs, books and more. The android software allows easy internet access, navigation as you walk, data sharing, integration of information, connections to share those moments and the ability to have everything right where and when you want it. This is used and customised by millions of people worldwide – allowing each person their own unique experience. You can simplify, diversify and complicate as much as you require so that it can fit in to the life that you live. Widgets connect you to favourite apps from right there on your home pages; an easy notification system allows prompt accessibility and you can multi task easily. Android is available on a number of handsets, from Samsung, to HTC and comes in all shapes and sizes.

As the size of technology becomes smaller, to be more portable for everyday usage. From home computers, then laptops, to netbooks and phones and ipads. Everything is becoming more ‘handy’ so that the user-friendliness of gathering, storing and acquiring information is at the press of a button, or these days, a screen.

Arrival of Netbooks

Netbooks were a step in evolution, designed to be smaller, more lightweight, portable and less expensive than home computers and laptops. They are optimised for easy transportability with slighter screens and keyboards. Over the years they have grown smaller still, but included a growth in features and wireless internet. Manufacturers had to be careful of their other ranges, to not stop sales of other products, so constraints had to be put into place.

By 2011 though, with the introduction of the ipad which quickly became popular. This in turn, had other manufacturers wanting in on that market and thus other types began to appear of tablets, such as galaxy notes and Nexus 7. This then saw a decline in netbook sales though we still have Chromebooks and Macbooks holding a market interest.

Tablets are an extension of the phone, to more comfortably browse emails and play games. Apple’s ipad made the tablet known again in the market, its instant popularity allowed other users to get into that market by manufacturing and developing their own unique take. The selection available has only multiplied over time with differing sizes, prices, quality, storage, applications and more.

Tablets are convenient for portability and include the functionality of computers but without their price, such as Google Nexus 7, Kindle Fire and Galaxy notes to name a few. The Google Nexus 7 2 for example is said to likely be the highlight of the hardware for Google I/O this year. While continuing to be affordable, it will include a higher specification processor, display, camera and connectivity, though no specifics have yet been released. We also have releases for Samsung with Nexus 11 and Nexus 4 with LTE and others. Depending on usage each tablet offers something different – the needs factor into choice. With this being said, the manufacturer is important. The nicks and niggles of hardware always make you want to trust in the maker of your technology, that the support and updates are there and frequent. They come in a variety of sizes, each suited to different purposes such as movie watching and game playing or book reading.

Processing speeds are increasing with every update; we can access things faster or multi task efficiently. We immerse ourselves in the things we can access, play games, watch movies, search the web, update facebook and sell on ebay. Navigation is with a flick of a finger, or the push of a button to pages of apps and widgets. The high resolution screens are clear and viewing is sharp and precise.

The Evolution

Advancement Of Technology

The evolution of computers and tablets comes down to many factors. Things such as production costs lowering around the world with different countries offering differing rates, types of selling expanding to the internet, telephone and television. Transportation worldwide is now quicker and easier than ever before and it seems that hardly anyone is unreachable.

In the news it has recently been reported that Blackberry Messenger, is going to be made available to Apple’s Iphone and Google’s Android. The exclusivity that once differentiated a brand or phone is being eradicated. With the accessibility rising to a bigger audience, it generates an expanding base of users which become aware of its settings, pros and cons and generally aware of its name. It joins other apps such as WhatsApp which allows free messaging between phones that will allow users the privacy and control that it has established with its Blackberry consumers. It will surely be a step to further sharing in the times to come and thus blurring that elitism of specifics and conformity of things to just one company.

For Android tablet pc, one next step is Android 4.3, Jelly Bean, focusing on refining the user experience with new features and improvements to the existing programmes, camera and typing interface as well as smooth transitions between multiple users. Each new step, aligning new technologies and giving people, new experiences to hold onto that market share. The android market is a popular one that has been growing steadily over the last few years and I believe will only expand in the wake of further innovations.

Each new elaboration is designed to be focused on making things faster, smarter and just better than the one before. They are revamped and repackaged with the advancement of technology increasing exponentially before we even thought it would. It has become so integrated into living, the wonder if only, if this is now. What’s next?

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The insightful technology content was written by James Smith to share how technology has impacted our lives and particularly the arrivcal of Android tablet Pc.

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