10 Apps To Make The Most Of A Car Trip

Road trips are really fun to do but it wouldn’t hurt to make them a lot more interesting with the right set of apps. Below are some apps that you can try out for your next car trip:

  1. Urbanspoon:

This application is great when you’re looking for a place to eat. It helps you to find nearby restaurants that would make your trip even more memorable.

  1. Yelp:

This application, similar to the first one, helps you find nearby establishments that you can visit, but it’s not limited to just restaurants around the area. It also features other establishments like hotels, convenience stores, and gas stations.

  1. Qik:

This cool little app allows you to stream numerous video clips and media files on your phone. If you happen to be stuck in traffic or need something to perk you up, this app is quite useful.

  1. Speed Trap Finder (Trapster):

Worried you’ll get flagged by a traffic cop on your next car trip? Here’s a simple solution: the Speed Trap Finder. This application collects data from other users to let you know about hidden speed traps, traffic cameras, and radars.

  1. WeatherEye:

How many times have you gone on a car trip only to end up going back home because of the weather? This application will help to save time by telling you whether or not the conditions outside are good enough for driving.

  1. WorldMate:

This travel planner application runs on a variety of smartphones. It can help you get things organized by booking reservations, planning accommodations and other activities during your trip. In addition to this, the application also automatically enters these activities into your itinerary once you’ve confirmed them.

  1. Photosynth:

Wherever you are around the globe, the best way to capture a moment is with a picture. Why not share these moments with the rest of the world through the use of Photosynth? This interactive application has panoramic features so that you can take outstanding pictures of the places you’ve been to and the sights you’ve seen.

  1. Instagram:

When you travel to someplace new, taking pictures makes sure you preserve some special moments forever. Kick this up a notch by sharing your travels with other people through Instagram. Aside from the original photo sharing features, you can share all the fun you have during your car trip with the app’s new video sharing feature. Just be sure that you update your Instagram application before your next road trip.

  1. Trivia apps – IconPopSong, IconPopMania, etc:

Long car trips can sometimes feel dull when you’ve been sitting inside the car while dreading silence. One way to break the ice would be to play trivia games with the other people inside the car. One of the more popular choices would be IconPopSong wherein you can play short audio clips of various songs for everyone in the car to guess.

  1. Hotel Tonight:

If your car trip happens to be a spur-of-the-moment affair, you do not have to worry about making accommodations. This app will help you find the nearest hotel that provides the best service possible so that you won’t get stuck with a dirt-cheap room that will ruin your trip.

Fahad Hizam is an active motorsport and tuning writer for Meezer Group. He regularly writes about car tuning and Yukon Gears and Axles.

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