Why Choose Android?

Android has been the maker of some wonderful system for a long time. They create very creative mobile and compact operating system that is very smart. They create desktop-like operating system for the compact devices like the tab and mobile phones. They are partners of the Google. So everything about them is google related. And you can easily access the Google using the android phones. The android is the only good operating system that is capable of giving some competition to another compact device like mobile and tab maker apple. They have done severe damage to the market for the iPhone and the Nokia. The Android is so powerful that it has put the Nokia Symbian almost out of the business. Lets discuss why the android is a better choice as an operating system.


Whenever you are going to talk about an operating system, you have to talk about how good the interface is. The better the interface is the more powerful and popular the operating system is. The android is a good operating system. It is not as complex as the iOS operating system. But it gives services as good as the iOS operating system. Then aging the operating system of the iPhone is hard to manage where the interface e of the android is easy to manage and comfortable for the users too. The interface does not slow you down only makes your life smarter and stronger. You will feel that you have been waiting for a system like this for a long time.

Goodness of Google

Android is a partner company of the Google. So it is obviously influenced by the Google. In the android system you will be able to enjoy all the goodness of the Google in one system. Google play, Google maps, Google play etc.. All is in there. You can also go sharing. The android supports all kinds of sharing.

Versatile Applications

All-rounder applications and the android have become the synonymous words. There are hundreds and thousands of the apps in the android market. These are completely free for the users. You can play games or find the horoscope. If you are bored then you can enjoy the movies. The Android operating system supports live stream as well as different video formats. You will be able to enjoy all the goods of the media in the Android device.

Android is relatively cheaper than the other OS. You could try it. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Author Bio:

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