Using Posters to Advertise your Business

When it comes to using posters to advertise your business you are face with a number of problems and opportunities that don’t arise with other forms of advertising. The ‘make it or break it’ decision in producing your poster is the design. If your poster doesn’t look good, no-body is going to look at it or care what about what its offering. So you need to get the design right in order to achieve good results.

The design can be broken down into a few elements, you have:

  • Graphics
  • Font / Typography
  • Colours
  • Positioning / Layout
  • Logo / Branding

Out of these elements, it’s more than likely the graphic or photograph that first attracts the attention of a passer-by. Think of some of the posters you have seen and what you noticed first; for example, some of the posters advertising for charities feature images of a starving child on the poster, posters advertising lottery tickets, or airlines might have a picture of a tropical island – these graphics capture our attention and give us a vague idea of what the poster is offering and whether or not we’re interested – so this element in particular is one that you need to nail in order to get people looking at and responding to your poster.

To help you along the way in creating your own poster, I’ve dug out a few of my favourites from around the web and listed them below for you to draw inspiration from! Enjoy:

Hopefully you’ve got a few tips and pointers from this article on how you can use posters in your business to help you in your advertising and promotion efforts.

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