Top Battery Boosting Commands For Your Smartphone

Each coming day the Smartphone brands are trying to make their product more user friendly as well enhance the available features. Much emphasis is being put on the battery life which has been the target of many critics regarding any Smartphone. The Smartphone is the supreme embodiment of the design and style so the battery life also should complement the other feature of this dynamic gadget. Quite rarely you must have come across any person who is using the phone for one full day without the need of recharging it. This problem occurs because the lives of the people are so dependent on this powerful gadget that they cannot imagine a minute without this powerful package. Below are mentioned some of the top guidelines which you should follow to boost the battery life of your Smartphone.

1. Try to Capitalize on the Brightness Settings of your Phone

This is the most common reasons for draining the battery life of any phone. Phones keep on working on the full brightness and it plays the spoilsport. The manufacturers are trying to solve this problem with automatic brightness sensors which change the brightness levels but still the problem prevails. The most suitable means is to put your phone on the lowest brightness level according to your comfort level.

2. Always Close the Applications Properly

If you do not require to use any application any longer you can close it out properly. If you fail to close it completely it will be still active and will be using the memory as well as the battery of your phone. This will certainly lead to  lower battery life for the day and you need to charge it again. Make sure all the unused applications are closed before you move on to the next task of your phone. There are applications that can kill all the unused applications being operational on your phone.

3. Disable all the Connectivity Channels

When not required make sure that you disable all the connectivity mediums of your phone. Whether it is Bluetooth, GPRS, WI-Fi all these things greatly reduce the battery life because they connect you to the outer world and the Internet is used while you make them operational. The difference will be clearly visible on the battery meter the moment you stop these applications.

 4. Make the Updates Manual

If you are using the automatic settings for the updates then it is strictly hard for your battery to live more than 5 hours. Automatic settings enable your phone to search the whole of the internet in order to update the applications and the best thing that you can do is to turn the setting to the manual mode so that you can update the application for which you require.

 5. Try to abolish the GPS use as much as you can

The one of the foremost power drainer of your Smartphone is the GPS usage. Try to avoid its use as much as you can and the applications which makes you to be active on the GPS system. The right solution is to deny access to all such applications before downloading them and you will save your battery life.

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