The Benefits Of The iPod POS

The Benefits Of The iPod POSThere are many benefits to using a NCR silver iPod POS system. You can capitalize on emotion with these systems. Instead of watching your customers try something on, only to change their mind about it as they wander through the store, you can get an associate there to encourage your buyers and prevent them from returning the items to the rack.

You can also capture customer data. You can obtain followings on Twitter, phone numbers, or email addresses from customers with the POS system. This data can help you stay connected and develop a crucial bond that keeps them coming back. You can hand them a tablet and ask them to enter their information. They will feel much better about signing up in person rather than having you repeatedly ask for the information personally. You can create pre-formatted customer profiles so they can enter as little or as much information as they want. Then you can use this information to send them promotions later on, or text location-based deals to their mobile devices.

You can place tablets throughout your store that allow customers to now only browse through your select and immediately find high resolution images and locations of the item they want, but you can offer location-based coupons for those who use the tablet. With a touch screen they can print the coupon when they go to check out. This will encourage users to rely on the system and return to your store to see if there are similar deals in the future. The POS system can automatically generate a receipt with the coupon bar code on it. You can even reserve such deals for loyalty cards or customers who fill out the customer profile report.

With a POS system you can free up valuable floor space. You can reduce the space required to store papers, memos, pens, and instead use that area for additional store hardware and product displays. Increasing your selling space and decreasing storage space can only help you. 

With a mobile POS system you can go green! Help the environment by emailing or texting customers their receipt. That will not only reduce the amount of paper you use but will solve the problem of a “lost receipt” if a customer needs to return something. This can add appeal to your return policy and thereby, to your business. You can even use the tablet to communicate with other employees and vendors, look at visual documents, input new hire information, and more. You can eliminate the use of paper almost entirely.