Knowledge is Power: Competing In Today’s Job Market

Everyone knows how competitive today’s job market is. Education is a good way to distinguish yourself but you needn’t go back to school. IT training that increases your productivity is becoming more attractive to employers.

Getting Educated

With a very tight economic situation, fewer companies are hiring and competition for those jobs is fierce. It becomes ever more important to differentiate yourself from the crowd and having qualifications is one way of doing that. It is not practical though for everyone to go back to school or to college on long courses as this takes them out of the job market for far too long. Another way to stand out is to demonstrate experience but new entrants to the job market might find that difficult too.

The most powerful way to make yourself attractive to employers might be to combine real world experience with education but is this possible? One way would be to get trained in the sorts of systems that employers use every day. In many office environments that means Microsoft Office applications. Being able to use such systems to the best of your abilities means that you are going to be so much more productive than someone who is less able and that makes you much more employable.

Real World Learning

Employers also appreciate another side of such education. If you have put yourself through Microsoft training in London it means that you are commercially aware and thinking about your own future and employers’ needs. Such training is also voluntary, rather than the compulsory nature of school, for example. This shows that you are committed to bettering yourself and have the staying power and ability necessary to successfully complete the course.

Once you are in employment you will find it much easier to perform everyday tasks such as:
– word processing
– sending emails
– navigating spreadsheets
– looking up databases.
This means that your on the job performance will increase and your confidence will soar. Your work will get done more quickly and more accurately, making you stand out from your colleagues. It won’t be long before your managers and team leaders notice your abilities and this will put you right in the frame for any promotions and more interesting work.

Microsoft applications cover a whole range of areas, so you won’t be limited to just admin work. The ability to create compelling presentations in PowerPoint for example will always make you extremely popular with senior staff who may not have those skills. Similarly, your ability to create and manage spreadsheets will make you invaluable to those involved in the financial side of the business and being able to create reports and charts from available data is absolutely vital to managers. Knowing your way around the web is also a key skill these days. Many companies deploy SharePoint websites and if you can customise, or even just update, these sites you will be an extremely valuable member of the team. With a little real-world training then, your future could be bright.

Susan Bruce is an HR professional working in London. She often recommends Microsoft training in London to those looking to enhance their skills sets and is particularly enthusiastic about superior Microsoft training in London that enhances prospects by increasing productivity.