Immediate Actions To Take When Your Car is Stolen

It is very painful when you see that your car is no longer standing where you left it. The first thing that strikes in your mind is car theft. However, there are few other possibilities as well.

At that moment, every second is important and you do not need to freak out. You have to find the solution. So follow the following steps that might help you in finding some good solution:

Check Thoroughly

It happens sometimes that you forget where you parked your car and you freak out without thinking once. So check it twice all around the parking areas. Maybe you have parked at some other place and it still standing there.


You car might be towed due to wrong parking or some unpaid tickets. Just confirm from the guard nearby or call the towed authorities right away so you know exactly what has happened. In case it is towed, you are Fairley lucky that it is not stolen. However, if you it is not towed, you might be screwed than.

Calling Cops

Do not make this process late; cops are your only hope left who can try to regain your vehicle. Call them immediately and tell them the complete details. If you are lucky enough, the police might find your car while the thief is driving away. More than half cases of car theft in developed countries are solved within 48 hours.

Personal Contacts

If you live in a small country, the police might not be able to help you. Some police officers are collaborating with thieves and they get their share of car theft. So try to call someone you know in police. If your contact is sitting on high post, he will certainly be able to track your vehicle.

Tracking Company

The tracking company’s importance is realized when your car is stolen. If you have a car tracker, there is a big chance that you are going to find your vehicle. Contact them and tell them about the gravity of the situation. They might contact the police and track the location or they can even shut down the car engine.

Make the News Viral

This is your last option to recover your vehicle. Many thieves usually take the car to some crowded area because police will have slight idea that car can be standing in some crowded place. Hence, if you post this news in your social circle immediately, someone might see it and tell you the location. This is the last option that you can try in order to have some chance to recover your car.

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