Education Lights The Path Of Darkness And Leads Us To Our Goal

What does Education Mean?

We all know that education is our birthright and it has a significant role in building our career and future. In simple words, education is a form of learning, where the transformation of the skills, knowledge and habits of a group of people from one generation to another takes place through training, teaching or research. However jurisdiction has acknowledged the right of education for everybody. Education has a twofold function to perform in the life of man and in the society: one is value and other is culture. You can attain your goals in life more effectively with the help of education.

What is the Purpose of Education?

You may be thinking this as a silly question but it is very important to know the answer. Every individual has their own approach towards this question. Well, we always wonder about the purpose of education in our life. Education trains you for quick, definite and effective thinking. We are inclined to allow our mental life occupied by hosts of prejudices, half-truths and propaganda. At this point, the purpose of education gets fulfilled. Our so-called educated people never think anything scientifically and logically. Even the classroom, the platform, and the press in many cases do not provide us unbiased and objective truths. Hence, to save you from the mess of propaganda, education is very essential.

Education allows you to filter, separate and think about the evidence, to distinguish between true and false, and the facts from the fiction. Therefore, the function of education is to teach you to think critically & intensively but education that ends efficiency may prove the greatest threat to the society. The true purpose of education represents intelligence along with morality. There are different types of education.

Different Kinds of Education

Let’s discuss briefly some of the types of education

Formal Education for Children

This education consists of the basic education that you receive at your school level. Through this formal education, you are exposed to the academic, basics, and trade skills. Hence, this form of education is referred to as traditional or mainstream education. Starting from nursery education, you learn various features as you advance towards primary, secondary and higher education. You receive the nursery, primary & secondary education at school while higher education or post-secondary education is received at college or university level.

Informal Education for Children

This form of education consists of educating an individual through reading books and informal communication. Informal education is education someone outside the basic form of education and without using any learning methods.

Special Education for Mentally Challenged

Generally, the handicapped and mentally challenged students are educated through special learning methods. To join the special education school, you will be examined on various limitations of disabilities and then your eligibility will be determined.

Adult Education for Adults

Adult education is all about educating adults and it aims at increasing the literacy, job skills, and other basic skills of an adult. Adult education is further divided into three categories: e-learning, formal class based education and self-directed learning.

Being the foundation, education covers our lives by motivating our minds and moulding them to intellectual ones.

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