What Promotional Gifts Appeal to Children?

Does your company’s target audience consist of children? If so, it’s vital to create a marketing strategy that appeals to children and their parents. After all, it’s parents that will pay for the goods and services you provide.

An effective way to raise awareness of your brand among little ones and their parents is by distributing promotional products. Whether these are given away for free or handed out as part of a sales-linked promotion, promotional items are a great way to get your target audience to engage with your brand. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the products children may be eager to receive.


We all had at least one cuddly toy when we were young, right? Distributing promotional teddy bears is a great way to improve how your organisation is perceived among children and grown-ups alike. The former will have something they can snuggle up to when going to sleep, while the sight of a cute ted is sure to bring back warm memories among their parents. Of course, the fact that teddy bears can be branded to feature marketing information such as your logo and call to action means all those who see them will think of your company, even if they don’t realise it at the time.


Admittedly, saving money isn’t the most exciting thing for children to do, but they may enjoy slotting coins into a brightly-coloured box. Piggy banks are probably the most famous kind of moneybox, though it is possible to get moneyboxes in a range of shapes and styles. Whatever kind you choose, make sure your company’s name, logo, call to action and contact details are printed on them. That way, your brand ought to be associated with saving for the future and being responsible with money – something that parents are sure to appreciate.


Promotional bags – whether they take the shape of rucksacks, holdalls or sports bags – should be popular with children. Research from the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) indicates people place more value in promotional gifts that offer a purpose and bags certainly make transporting schoolbooks, toys, PE kit and other items easier!

With bags being the most popular promotional item distributed by companies in 2012, according to research from the BPMA, they should be well-received among kids and grown-ups alike. Make sure your company’s logo, call to action and contact details such as your website address or Twitter handle are printed on your bags and you’ll discover that the recipients effectively become billboards for your brand, subtlety showcasing it as they walk down the street.

If reading the above article has piqued your interest in providing promotional gifts to little ones, you can find out more about what items may be suitable for kids by clicking here.