Top Used Television Apps For Android Phones

In today’s internet world everything is possible. In survey it is found that about 90% of people having hobbies of watching T.V. But we can’t take our T.V. everywhere. So it has been said nothing is impossible in these world now we can watch TV on our mobile by taking it to any place. As it is correctly said every coin has two sides. We have seen the one side of the coin i.e. we can watch TV on mobile but the other side says you can only watch live TV on your cell if it is supported to your cell. This happened due to growth of technology. In market there are too many applications available on the internet for live TV Serial shows to see through your android devices. But their performance is not good. If you are looking for the latest and awesome suitable apps which can fulfil your needs than you have come to the right place. Here I am listing down some apps which are suitable for your Android devices.

These application has many features like you can listen music, or you can watch videos or live TV shows. In these you can easily find your favourite content and you can watch it anywhere.

1. BBC iPlayer (Internet video Player):

This app is specially introduced for BBC channel viewers. In this app you can easily watch live news happening around the world. The best facility provided by this app is that if viewer missed something like news or episode within last seven days viewer can see it again by typing in the search box. You can see it from networks like 3G and Wi-Fi similar to your PC version.

2. VEVO:

Fore mostly this application was specially launched for I Pad than for Android devices as well. In starting when the application was launched in the market the consumer had some complaint regarding these app that it takes time for start up. It is daily updated application in which you can easily find your latest videos. The best advantage of the application is by clicking on single tap on your device where you can share your videos through social networking sites like facebook, Twitter and many more.

3. Sky Go:

It is the popular app by the user of Sky TV. It is simple to use and very enjoyable. This application is for free but it requires subscription in where additional information of the app has to be put than only you can watch the videos. The website of this app is categorised into 6 sections which are

  • Entertainment,

  • Movies,

  • News,

  • Sports

  • Music

  • lifestyle.


It’s another awesome android app which transforms your devices into Live TV. It provides you with features like you can watch movies, TV serial shows for free. Every mobile user thinks that their phones must support high quality videos which it has and it provides you with lot of categories in TV serial shows and movies. The main advantage of this app is it is regularly updated which every viewer wants. In every month at least 35 newly arrived videos are uploaded to these applications. It is totally free and used by many users.