Top Tips to Make Content Marketing Work for You

With so many different forms of SEO and internet marketing to utilize, it can be difficult to do it all. They are all just as important and effective but only if you use them correctly. When it comes to content marketing, you need to think about the type of content you are creating and whether it is worthwhile for the readers. Here are some tips to make your content stand out and make your marketing plan work for you.

1.      Find the Best Keyword Phrases to Use: When you write content, you want people to be able to find you. It doesn’t matter if the content is placed on your blog, you are guest posting or you are placing it on article directories – you need to use keyword phrases to help you. Research the keywords for your content and utilize them in the best way. This will make sure that you show up in the search engines when people look for something that you are writing about.

2.      Avoid Overusing SEO: Keywords should not be used too much. Stuffing them into your content will make it difficult for people to read and you will end up with a lower rank in the search engines. You want something that is written for the readers and then utilizes keyword phrases every now and then.

3.      Think About Your Niche: Pick a niche and find keyword phrases that will work with that niche. Once you have them, write the content with your topic in mind. People want value and you can offer that by carefully picking your topic to write about. It is often worth pick a topic and then find the keyword phrases within that to decide on your angle. Research what others have written to make sure yours is unique and looks at things from a different angle – even use a personal story to help others.

4.      Make It Valuable to the Reader: People search for content for one reason – they want valuable content that gives them all the information that they need. They want to find something that answers a question that they have. Research the type of topics that people are looking for within your niche and utilize it to your advantage.

5.      Link Back to Your Website: Let readers find out more about you. Link your content back to your website or other pieces that you have written. This helps them learn more and will give them a chance to build trust in you. You can also use links throughout posts to link to other content that you have written that may answer another question linked to your current topic.

6.      Don’t Put Too Much Information in One: Find one angle and stick to it. You want your content to offer valuable and easy to read information. If you keep jumping between different angles and questions, your readers will become confused and are more likely to click away. Stop thinking of it as marketing. What would you want to read if you were searching for that information?

7.      Don’t Forget About Images and Videos: People want something that is visually appealing and easy to follow. Images and videos make that possible. Take the time to find great quality and relevant images and videos – you could even make them yourself! – to explain a product in more detail or offer extra information on a topic. These will also help your search ranking since the robots like these visually appealing components.

Content marketing is extremely useful but only when used properly. Take the time to research the different places to add content and do your keyword research. This will help you reach more people and offer them something that they really want to read.


Author bio:

James White aims to become a renowned name when it comes to coming up with innovative Internet Marketing/SEO strategies, similar to Eric Schiffer.