Top 5 Android Racing Games

Android has altered the entire market scenario and fantasy of the world, particularly the applications and games. Android games are beyond expectations, all games founded on Android Operating System has amazing sound, graphics, visuals, consequences and amusement. Here, we are going to explain the Top 5 Android Racing Games.

1. Asphalt

Android Racing Games, the Asphalt7 are the latest addition to the series. You can use both accelerometer and touch to control your car and race in the streets of some of the major cities of the world. You can buy cars, improving the ones that are already in your garage and take them online to contend with other fellow players. The game is gigantic in dimension and you require a mighty device with around 2 GB free spaces to install and run it. When you are playing the game, do not overlook to check out the adrenaline mode after your nitrous is completely pumped up.

2. Need for Speed

Android Racing Games, the Need for Speed aka NFS has taught the world how to race when it arrives to computer games and it extends its legacy to Android as well. It’s not one game but a sequence of many games that are launched by Electronic Arts

The Need for Speed Most Wanted is the newest addition to the series and is hardcore racing. You do not need to outrun adversaries, but the cops as well without impairing your car. If you love to race and your Android device is powerful enough, you should proceed ahead and try out the game.

3. GT Racing: Motor Academy

Android Racing Games, the GT Racing: Motor Academy is another game from Game loft, the maker of Asphalt, but is free to install and play. While the game is free, the graphics and game play can be more/ less compared to Asphalt. You will have to win races and gain know-how multipliers to unlock new events and upgrades.  The game is not as powerful as Asphalt and Need for Speed.

4. Death Rally

Android Racing Games, the Death Rally are a 2 Dimensional game but is no less fun. Death Rally reminds the movie Death Race and just like Jason Statham, you will have to race, use explosives and weapons to make it to the first.  You can customize your car to a large extent and once you are ready, it is time to race.

5. Tiki Kart

Android Racing Games, the Tiki Kart game you have to race a kart and trounce fellow adversaries. During the race, there are many power ups you can assemble and use them on opponents to win over them. But watch out, what comes around, goes around. Look out for fellow racers who try to outrun you by using the identical power ups. The speed of the kart is not as thrilling when contrasted to Asphalt and NFS cars, but is really fun to play. Furthermore, the game supports multilayer if you wish to compete against others out there.