The Importance of a Mobile Friendly Website

The theory of evolution that supports the idea of survival of the fittest particularly holds true in the business field today. Change is a constant occurrence and when a breakthrough in technology is found, businesses have to do all they can to utilize the new tools of the age in order to reach their target audience.

Foreshadowing a Similar Trend

As of 1997, only about one million websites existed. Within ten years of that online census, the official sites increased to 150 million as computers became typical household items and the convenient laptop and compact notebook were produced. Similarly, as the use of Smartphones began to take over society by 2007, about one million brilliant sites had already introduced a mobile way to see what they had to say. That number is expected to increase to 150 million by the year 2017.

What Consumers Want

Every one of us is considered a consumer when it comes to technology, and what do we want? The majority of civilization yearns for information, services, and fast confirmation at our fingertips. What was once used to simply make a phone call can now be used to book a reservation, pay a bill, or get reviews on a nearby business. Yet oftentimes the cell phone screen displays images that are not scaled to fit the window, or enormous text that takes an eternity to scroll through.

Convenience Becomes Top Priority

With the help of Google listing search items in order of popularity, the general consensus is that the first search result will deliver the information you are searching for. Now that people have gotten used to that feature, the idea of wasting several precious minutes attempting to navigate a website designed only for a computer is just that—a waste of precious time. Most site surfers decide within five seconds if they are going to stay on the page or not. You can bet that if it looks intimidating or difficult in any way, they will move on to the next search engine result.

Notable Revenue Loss

While business websites that have not yet created a mobile friendly version may not be too far behind the rest, those with extremely particular site codes may find that their site will not load at all on a mobile phone. Some page scripts alert the user immediately upon clicking the link that the mobile browser “does not support” the coding to even open the page. Considering the amount of people that own a mobile phone but do not own or have access to a computer, sites with these issues are definitely taking a hit in the profit department.

The Cost of a Customer

The price to convert a site to a mobile version is very cost efficient, especially when you take the benefits into consideration. GPS has become frequently used handy technology, but if it does not pick up the business information due to a lack of a mobile site, you could be losing customers that are right around the corner! The revenue increase from the customer turnout will make the cost of transformation well worth it.

Projected Future

Research strongly suggests that within the next three years, the amount of those using a mobile phone to access the internet will officially and steadily be over the amount of those using a PC. With social media sites like Facebook and Twitter coming on manufactured phones as apps, there is very little need for users to go all the way to the computer to see what your business has to offer. Get started on the conversion today and get back to beating your competitors!

Author Bio: William Stevens is a writer who creates informative articles in relation to technology. In this article, he describes the importance of a mobile presence in business business management degree online.