Preparing to migrate to Australia: Application for Visa

At this stage all documentation is prepared to send to the Immigration Department. This includes gathering all necessary documents with translations, legalization, filling out forms satisfy the requirements of the Immigration Department of Australia (DIMIA), admission application, pending the outcome to the granting of the visa.

This stage is the most time-consuming of all and has an estimated cost of about $ 2,500. In my case included the third and final payment of U.S. immigration agent $ 665 and the fee paid to the Immigration Department for processing of the application that is around U.S. $ 1,400. To this must be added the cost of the certification, translation, courier shipments, medical examinations and police and criminal history. My application took 1 year and 9 months to have a positive resolution. During this waiting time is monitoring the application, additional documents are sent if requested, are clarified and answered questions the Department of Immigration reported. The whole department is direct communication with the Australian immigration expert who takes your case. He is the direct contact and you have to ask him for news of your application.

One to four months before the visa granted you must send medical examinations and certifications police (police and criminal history) when you request them. So, when you ask these tests is because you have 95% confidence that give you the visa, unless your medical tests go bad or have criminal backgrounds or spotted police.

When the latter asks DIMIA documents will give a deadline for sending, normally 30 days. The government of Australia has specific doctors to perform these tests, you should investigate which doctor to visit you in your area by searching the list of doctors and you can quote the cost thereof. The doctor will send your results directly to your Australia migration agency so you have to add the cost of the courier. You must also send by separate your background and criminal police, with translations, another courier.

Finally, when you get positive response grant you permanent residence visa or regional sponsorship should send your passport to the embassy of Australia closest to your location to make your visa stamped. When you have the visa stamped in your passport you have about a year to enter Australian territory and activate your visa. If you do not enter to Australia before this deadline, you lose your visa and the right to reside, live and work in Australia.

This is the time they give you to prepare to immigrate to Australia, although it is better to go prepared from before, because if you’re ready before, from the time you get the visa stamped on your passport as you migrate. All preparations for emigration are the next and final stage.

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