MCSM Data Platform Solutions Master is a Global standard for IT Professionals

The Microsoft certified solutions master is another very important certification, Microsoft has offered. It is the most advanced level of certification and is also a master level certification which intends to evaluate the expertise of a professional  in building and designing the groundbreaking solutions by the utilization of  Microsoft technologies for complicated environments such as on-premises, off-premises and also the in the settings of hybrid enterprise. It can also be said that this certification of the apex of the professional distinction. The certification of MCSM Data Platform Solutions Master also evaluates the capacity of the IT professionals in broad and deep spectrum in the field of cloud based solutions.

Requirements for the MCSM Certification in Solution Master:

As this is a master level certification so in order to get certified in MCSM data platform solution master a candidate has to fulfill the requirements for it. An IT professional who wants to get the certification must have the MCSA and MCSE Certifications, then only he is eligible for the MCSM certification in data platform solutions mater. The candidate must be passed in the following exams:

1. Exam-461, Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012
2. Exam-462, Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Database

3. Exam-463, Implementing Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server     2012.
4. Exam-464, Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases.
5. Exan-465, Designing Database Solutions for SQL Server 2012.

Moreover, the candidate must possess an experience of five or more than five years in the SQL Server 2012 technology.

Exams in the MCSM Data Solutions Master:

A candidate, who has passed the above mentioned five exams, needs to pass two exams in order to get the certification. following are the exams:

1. Exam 88-986:  This is a data platform knowledge exam. It was published in 1, March 2013. The exam is only offered in English language. This exam is offered for the IT professionals and the technology used in it is SQL Server 2012. Following topics are covered in the exam:

  1. Developing a Database.
  2. Designing and Maintaining a Scalable Solution.
  3. Managing the System and Querying the Performance.
  4. Designing and Troubleshooting the High Availability Solutions.                       
  5. Performing the Capacity Planning.
  6. Managing an Enterprise with Many Servers.
  7. Securing the SQL Server Environment and Data.
  8. Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan and Recovering from the Disaster.

2. The second exam is the data platform lab exam. This is another exam which the candidates need to pass. But thus exam is currently not available by the Microsoft.

Registration and scheduling the MCSM Data solutions aster exams:

Currently, only one exam is available for the MCSM certification. the candidates can get themselves registered through Prometric. They can also schedule their exam by logging on to

Preparation material for the exams:

Currently the Microsoft is not offering any instructor led training for the MCSM certification in data platform solution master. But the candidates can get help from the Microsoft online resources and get themselves prepared for the exam.