How To Make Cash As A Student Running Businesses From Home

We all know how hard it can be to survive in your years as a student. You have to be in school full-time to have any kind of student loan and even that doesn’t cover everything! So you scramble to find viable employment but you aren’t able to find one that can go around your class schedule! What is a poor struggling student to do? You become a sitter, a dog walker or a Press Clipping Service provider in New York? Yes and there are so many other choices so let’s run down the how’s and the why’s and see what we can find just for you.

Top Jobs For Students

Well, you have run the gamut to find jobs and all you seem to come across is a waiter or waitress, a retail worker, a hostess or valet service. These may be great tip jobs in some cases but they are grueling and you are on your feet all day! Who wants to study when you feel like someone beat you up? And furthermore service-industry jobs staff according to their business volume so making your own schedule is near impossible. Working for you is the things to do in this case so read on and get started!

 <>  Press Clipping Service: If you are outgoing and you are into research and practice active listening you could open your very service. What this job entails is looking in publications for press clippings about various businesses. You would then seduce the company by sending the clippings with a report about their reputation. You would then let them know what you are selling the clips for and encourage them to hire you! This is something you can do around classes and make some good money. If you are in school going for some kind of communications degree you can use this job for credit in some colleges.

 <>  Nurse’s Aide or Home Health Aide: You can take a quick class to learn how to care for the elderly and make 100 dollars a day on the weekend spending the night at an elderly person’s house. This is easy enough, you are making sure they don’t fall going to the bathroom at night and you feed them and change them in the morning. Don’t prefer the elderly? Then do this for kids if you prefer them.

 <>  Pet or house sitter: This is a great one and you don’t need a course. All you need for this is your first client and a reference and there you go. Place an ad in the local paper or community board and you are good to go.

In conclusion there are so many ways to be gainfully employed while you are a student whether you go for the big bucks like as a Press Clipping Service New York or you just want a few extra bucks as a dog sitter so start with your community and see what happens.