Get iTunes For Android Phones – Now Isn’t That Cool?

With the competition ever increasing between iPhones and Android powered phones, many people have been moving from one platform to another quite frequently. People with iPhones have moved to Android phones and vice versa. It mostly happens with the hype that is being created with the introduction of new models.

People who have been using iPhones for all this while might miss the kind of support that they used to get for their iPhones, with the help of iTunes on their computers. They could easily manage their contacts and all their user files on their phones, by using their computers. Unfortunately, they are not able to get the same thing for their Android phones by default.

The good news is that they can still get the same kind of iTunes experience on their Android phones as well. Obviously, it won’t be the exact same replica, but it does almost the same things that you could do between iTunes and your iPhones.

Firstly, you will need to download and install MobileGo for Android software on your computer. Now you can get an iTunes like experience, even if you are using Android phones. Very much like the iTunes, it is simple software package, where the installation has to be done on the computer. Now you can synch your music and movie files, text messages, cell phone contacts, apps and images with your Android phone.

The software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Therefore, make sure that you are installing the right version on your computers.

Connecting Android phones to computers:

After you install MobileGo for Android a new computer, you will get the experience of iTunes for Android. You can launch the software, and connect your phone to the computer through Wi-Fi or USB cables. Please be reminded that Mac users will be able to use only the USB connections.

No let us look at some of the great features of this app:

This Android phone manager comes very handy, when you want to take backups of your contact numbers on the computer. You could also add new contacts through your computer and sync it with your phone. Additionally, you can also import your contacts selectively from Windows Live, Microsoft Outlook, and vCard. Also, you could sink your FaceBook and G-mail contacts just as easily as well. It is just as simple to restore the contacts whenever the need arises.

Another great feature of this iTunes for Android is that you can send SMS or text messages straight from your computer. It is a lot easier to type on the computer keyboards than on touch screen phones. Also, you can send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously. At the same time, you could easily answer any incoming call on hands free mode while all your file syncing is happening.

You also get the merge option to eliminate all the duplicate contact book entries as well. You can easily back up your test messages or SMS on your computer. Sending messages to entire groups or multiple users was never this easy from Android Phones before.

Now don’t have to worry about downloading movies at a slow pace. With this wonderful app, you can organize and sync your computer videos, music, and photographs in a matter of seconds.

You won’t have to even download the installable APK files straight on your mobile phones for installing them on your Android phones. You can simply download them quickly to your computer from Google Play store or any other website, and install them on your Android powered phone or tablet PC.

Now, isn’t that cool? The icing on the cake is that you can also export the apps from your Android phone and back them up on your computer.

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