Company evolution traced through branding

Sticking with something is part of success. A successful brand is only partially defined by its logo, top notch product and effective sales strategies. Much more of a brand strategy is focused on the evolution of the entire package. Not everyone thought Apple, Google, Starbucks or even McDonald’s would become the massive corporations they are today. However, through time and dedication to branding, these companies have proven that perseverance plays a very important role in brand strategy.

Starting over — again

If your company is not exceling the way you intended or you’re finding flaws in the brand and image you’ve created, it’s all too easy to start over from scratch. Research a better, stronger name that aligns your company and its image. Hire a professional logo design company to help you redefine the initial image potential customers see. These aspects of a brand are essential to your business and by renewing them you can revive flagging morale in your workforce and entice new customers. A quality logo designer can come up with a logo that portrays your core values in a simple, clean graphic. Don’t stray too far from your initial design, though. Think about how you’d feel if you walked into your local Starbucks and were greeted by a new sign and logo for “Aloha Coffee” and tropical music. You’d probably wonder how you mistakenly wandered in and would turn to leave immediately. It’s okay to work on your name and logo, but don’t stray too far from the path you’re already on.


You want to know the best — and most difficult — way to establish your brand? Be consistent. Stick with your concept. Your customer base wants to see you follow through with your mission. In fact, they want to be there to support you. That’s what attracted them to your business to begin with. Do you know what will drive them away? Being a flaky brand. A customer wants to establish a rapport with a business that’ll be there for decades, so they don’t have to constantly change with the market. For instance, if you sell coffee beans, your customers want to know that when they wake up early for a cup of java, they can go to the same store to buy the same great coffee beans they depend on for their caffeine. When they arrive to the store to find a different label or brand name on the bean, they wonder what they’re buying and are disheartened to see that their old favorite is no more. Don’t give your customers that kind of jolt. Be consistent with your branding.

Of course there are always times when branding can grow and evolve with a company. However, you don’t want this to be so overwhelming that it reduces your audience through unrecognizable imagery or mission statements. If your branding strategy seems weak at the moment, leave it be and examine some other aspects of your business to see if the fault really lies with your product or marketing. Reevaluate your potential audience through surveys and focus groups to find out what how they feel about your company and its products. When you take a close look at your customers, you can get a better idea of how to evolve as a business without doing too much with your brand. Then, as your company moves forward, you can consider working with a professional logo design team who can help tweak your logo for optimal branding.