Cleaning, Reviving And Speeding Up Your Android Smartphone

One of the main ways smartphone users enhance the performance of their android devices is by downloading amazing apps from such sites as These apps ensure that you optimize the usage of your smartphone. However, you can take other vital steps to clean it up, revive its efficiency and speed it up especially if you have had it for a while. You can achieve this through the following ways:

Boost your battery life

All smartphones that run on android are notorious for using up power quickly. This could be due to the amount of android app downloads that run on it. However, you can take a few simple measures to reduce usage of the battery. Go through your settings and start turning everything down. Start by reducing the percentage of brightness on the screen. Your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi should be off if you are not using them. You should also uninstall any apps that use app data yet you do not really need them. You should also consider getting a second battery just for emergencies.

Clear space on your device and SD card

Virtually all android smartphones come with two storages spaces, which are your internal space and an external memory usually an SD card. The internal memory stores all the apps including the ones you download. Many people use their external memory to store music, videos, photos and other files. Cleaning up your external memory is easy since all you need to do is delete videos, music and photos you do not need anymore. Clearing your internal memory is not that complicated. You just need to uninstall any apps that you no longer use, or those that do not work. The more space your device has, the faster it will run your apps, play music and load photos.

Clean the case

Many smartphone users have a case to protect their device from dirt, accidental drops and scratches. Many forget to change these cases and overtime, they get dirty. Some of this dirty may transfer to your device especially if you are not using a suitable case. It is important to take out the case and clean it at least once every month to keep your device clean. The case is not very hard to clean but make certain to use proper cleaning agents that will not harm the device. You can even check online guides on how to clean and disinfect your device.

Change your home screen launcher

If your smartphone is an older model, you can increase its speed using some setting tweaks. First, you can download a new home screen launcher, which will reduce the number of home screens, and get rid of all those data sucking widgets. If your device is rooted, you can even install or unlock extra ROM to speed it up. If you are a technical expert, you can use various advanced settings to get as much speed as possible from your device. However, you have to be careful not to damage your device.