An Introduction About Citrix Certified Administration (CCA) For NetScaler 10

Citrix Certified Administration CCA for NetScaler 10 is set of Information Technology to improve applications and monitor all issues and problems that occurs in web applications. This certification validates and authorize the skills and abilities of candidates related to the Information Technology. CCA for NetScaler 10 is a Networking and Essentials related course that basically is to be responsible for the introductory ideas and concept of CCA for NetScaler 10 and also advanced and enhance the skills that are most important required to implement, secure, configure, monitor, improve, organize, and troubleshoot a CCA for NetScaler 10 system from within a framework of networking.

CCA for NetScaler 10 is the most effective and efficient way to increase the delivery of web application related services. It gives the most amazing and beneficial performance within the organizations development perspective. CCA for NetScaler 10 products enhance and develop the presentation and work of SAP, Oracle, Outlook Web Access, PeopleSoft, ecommerce applications, Siebel, and practices and applications related to the 70% or further, though enhancing and improving the efficiency of security and quickly decreasing expenditures of operating system. It allows the designers and experts for decreasing the cost of web applications delivery by decreasing the servers and enhancing the use of network bandwidth.

Exam details

In the Citrix Certified Administration CCA for NetScaler 10 exam the 155 number of stuffs in 1Y0-A28 Exam that deliver the strategic entrance solutions and innovativeness with advanced tools and techniques worldwide. All the questions are included multiple choices. Candidates select the perfect answer for getting good grades. Citrix Certified Administration CCA for NetScaler 10 exam covered some important topics that we discuss below;

  • Configuration and loading the SSL Offloading
  • Configuration of basic settings of NetScaler 10
  • Troubleshooting Issues and problemson the NetScaler 10
  • Implementation and Stream of traffic the NetScaler 10
  • Customization of the NetScaler 10 Traffic-handling
  • Monitoring the performance and Traffic of Network-related Activities and Enactment
  • Configuration of the Optimization and Acceleration of Traffic-handling and networking system
  • Configuration of the Networking system related to the environment and Settings of the NetScaler 10 and also the Implementation in effective way
  • Configuration of the Load Balancing on NetScaler 10 for Back-end Servers and Traffic and its efficiency
  • Network architecture planning and maintaining
  • Initial installation interfaces
  • Effective security of CCA for NetScaler 10

These all topics are very important in the exam. If you want to get success in the examination then covers these all topics and concentrates on the preparation in meaningful way.

Exam section and weights distribution

  1. Networking Architecture Planning and the weight for it is 22.4%
  2. Initial level of installation the systems and configure applications and the weight for it is 24.1%
  3. Security of CCA for NetScaler 10 and the weights for it is 27.6%
  4. Monitoring, controlling and auditing the CCA for NetScaler 10 and the weight for it is 10.4%
  5. Troubleshooting of CCA for NetScaler 10 and the weight for it is 8.6%
  6. Configuration and high availability and the weight for it is 6.9%