10 interesting features about Samsung Galaxy

samsung galaxy

Samsung to launch commercial landing awaited Galaxy. After checking for the first time during their massive glove presentation in London earlier been able to make a second approach at a meeting organized by the South Korean firm in Barcelona. So, and heat engines face a future more comprehensive analysis, serve as advance this list of ten trivia surrounding a terminal set to become a benchmark for Android Smartphone and stand up to the next iPhone from Apple.


samsung galaxy
samsung galaxy
  1. S Voice is not limited to a single application. Saying “next” to change the song playing in the music player, or “potato” to take a photo while the camera is active. These are some of the possible actions if you choose to configure S Voice as a control system for other applications. While it is true that its main interface is clearly inspired by Siri, so is good for more than to find information, make appointments in the calendar or dictate text messages. For speech recognition by the way of Samsung given a choice between their own systems or that Google includes generically in all Android.


And yes, it works in Castilian (actually his name is translated as “Voice S” in terminal menus) and it does fairly well, though with some trouble understanding the accents as the Andalusia first. Later there will be time to check if the system can gradually learn to adapt to the unique diction by which user.


  1. He likes the move. Samsung already introduced some time on some computers various control systems perform movements involving as pressing zoom regulate the screen with two fingers and tilting the device. The Galaxy also includes, besides others who had seen in models of HTC, like putting the phone face down to mute an incoming call. Now, though, has delved deeper into the subject. Slide on the screen from right to left the side of the hand, for example, used to take a screenshot of the GUI. And if you do a long press on the lock screen while the computer is placed in landscape, to mention another possibility, directly opens the camera application.


  1. It is not easy to fool. One of these controls movements, called Direct Call allows you to make direct a call to a certain contact when the user is typing a message or looking at his record on the agenda: simply take the phone to the ear. Can you cheat the system to initiate the call without doing exactly that gesture? Yes, but not simple, it is not enough to put your hand over the proximity sensor to initiate the call: you also have to move the phone up, place it vertically and spread it to the face.


After four attempts futilely trying to deceive the gyroscope ending the movement in the palm of the opposite hand (placed at shoulder height), we get the call to initiate. Then we tried a couple more times and it did not work. Looks like a hit rate more than enough (unless you put patting fashion with the phone in hand and drawing circles waving arms in the air, of course).


  1. You look into my eyes … if you want. One of the most striking developments of the Galaxy is Smart Stay, which prevents quite annoying phenomenon: the screen brightness dims or turns off this even while the user is reading some text. Now, considering that this function makes use of the front camera and facial recognition software to look at the user’s eyes, did not cause this excessive consumption of battery? In this regard I must say that it does not seem that this kind of “scanning” is constant, uninterrupted eye. Seems rather take action every seven or eight seconds, which is the time interval with which will appear in the top bar notification icon shaped eye. And in any case, simply enter the settings menu to disable the function.


In this sense, from Samsung recall that there will be times that Smart Stay serve precisely to save battery because the screen will not stay on by negligence. Anyway, as we look further at the issue of autonomy when we can live longer with the terminal. For now, the South Korean firm claims that the 2,100 mAh battery the Galaxy is able to hold 490 minutes of video playback with the screen brightness to the maximum.


  1. The camera is sophisticated. This time Samsung has used the claim to increase the resolution of the camera sensor (which repeats the 8 megapixel Galaxy) preferring to focus on increasing the possibilities of what can be done with it. While recording video you can still capture high-resolution photos. Also the possibility may be interesting to carry bursts of up to 20 images in succession at a speed quite decent. Or they are just eight and the system to choose a priori which may be the best, but you can always opt for another change to put in the gallery.


  1. It takes advantage of the Wi-Fi Direct. Pairing together two copies of Galaxy to that when you take a photo it is displayed on the screen of the other. Or for one to convey to the other an HD video in a snap and with a simple tap NFC connection advantage through S Beam system. And all this not only without cables, but without requiring even a data connection or Wi-Fi. They are two of the ways in which Samsung would leverage a young but promising standard like Wi-Fi Direct. Logically, yes, these interactions are only possible between units when the Galaxy. But it’s a start and surely coming models can also use this type of functions.



  1. Though Samsung usually announces several versions of its Smartphone with different storage capacities, it is also quite common that at least during the initial phase only available one in particular. The Galaxy, with reports due 16 and 32 GB (plus a hypothetical future delivery of 64 GB) is no exception.


  1. Dropbox gets another 50 GB. Nor should we forget the cloud, and in this area has partnered with Samsung which is undoubtedly the most popular alternative these services: Dropbox. So those who buy a Galaxy and access from it to your Dropbox account will get 50 GB of free space.


  1. Some accessories are on the way. Sheath calls “Flip Cover”, which like that of the Galaxy Note replaces the back cover of the computer and adds to the whole front protective sheet will also be available from the time it is the terminal. Other accessories such as the wireless induction charger or capacitive stylus, though, do not yet have a definitive arrival. You can find cheap phone cases for Samsung Galaxy here.


  1. Comes in a plain box during the meeting we had the opportunity to see the box in which the Galaxy will, quite simply and without much aesthetic flaunt. Also come with basic accessories: wall charger, USB cable and your headphones (type “in-ear”, by the way).

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