Working Online – Why It Isn’t That Different To A Normal Job

Nearly everyone has fantasized at some point about making money online but for most people it remains a fantasy which they will never achieve. The truth is it is possible to work from home but it takes a lot of effort and may involve thinking outside the box. Earning online can be a mind field with there being hundreds of scams just waiting to take your money and offer you squat in return.

The best way people earn a living from home is by offering a legitimate service which they can perform from their computer or within their living room. The key here is to think local as well as global.

Freelance Content Writing

For example if you are a freelance writer consider advertising locally to businesses in your area. Many locals will be looking to work with someone who is also in the area and who they can meet face to face. You still perform your service, in this case writing, from the comfort of your own home but they key is you have access to a range of clients that your competition just can’t access.

Virtual Jobs

Another great way to make money from home is to telecommute to a job overseas or in your local area. Many employers love being able to employ someone without having to provide them with a conventional workspace and all the costs associated with a traditional city office. This way you can have the best of both worlds in that you have the comfort of a home based business with the security and stability traditional employment offers.

One such job you can telecommute to be a virtual assistant. These are people who perform a range of administrative and organizational tasks from home without ever meeting who they are assisting. Often companies will hire virtual assistants to do what is considered boring and tedious work, however if you’re looking to make money from home this just may be the opportunity you’re looking for,


Another example of a job you can telecommute is a designer. Many companies are willing to allow you to telecommute to work if you’re an artist or designer if you’re prepared to charge less than someone they could hire conventionally would. Often companies need lots of small things designed and formatted and these jobs while not difficult are vital to the success of their business. If you can build a strong relationship with a company you could find yourself on their payroll without ever having visited their office. Many companies are advertising online right now for designers who are prepared to telecommute and charge less than conventional designers. Some jobs may involve some in person meetings but allow you to do most of your work from home. If you are prepared to deal with people face to face and there is opportunity in your area this may give you a leg up over your competition.

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