Social Engagement is True Engagement

Social engagement is an opportunity for you as a small business owner to reach out and interact with your customers. If executed properly, this type of network marketing will develop lasting relationships with your customers by appealing to their personal side of life. Thus, you still see higher conversion rates and build loyalty among fans, followers and customers, both new and old.

This type of marketing will require some time and effort from you to ensure it is a success. You will need to research, communicate, comment and develop different strategies as your social engagement campaign progresses. There is more to it than just opening a social media site account and advertising. You have to truly engage with your fans and followers to make this type of marketing campaign a success.

Social Media

There are different platforms in the social media world, including email, social media networking sites and writing blogs. Some social media marketing sites include Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter. Use one, two or all online social media methods. If you are uncomfortable in the beginning, start with one and when you have mastered that one, move on to another one, while still maintaining the first. All of these together can help your business branch out and find additional customers, while you are still engaging with the current ones you have.


To effectively engage with your customers, you must know more about them. Research is necessary to properly use social media networking for your small business advertising needs. You must know what interests  your customers. Find out what customers are looking for by asking questions, posting surveys and truly interacting with each and everyone who comes into your store, visits your website and comments on your page.


Search Engine Optimization is the use of keywords that are commonly searched for by Internet users. These keywords reflect their interests, needs and Internet search habits. Find out what keywords your customers are searching for and what their interests are. Then use those keywords in your posts, blogs and any other social media advertising you use. You can determine what you customers are looking for through previous social media engagement. This will draw customers to your sites, where you can further interact with them.


Social media networking is a two-way street. Do not just read your customers comments and/or emails and move on. Respond to every one of them. Even if their comment does not warrant a response, a simple “thank you for your support” or “We appreciate your business” is enough to show customers you are listening. For emails, do not send auto-replies; this just shows you do not have time for your customers. Take a few minutes to write a simple thank you and reply to their concerns.

As a small business owner you may find yourself lacking the funds and resources to hire a dedicated staff to work on social media networking. But that does not have to stop you from truly engaging with your customers. Follow the few tips and tricks listed above and you are sure to see a difference in your social media networking strategy.