Shedding Light On Computer Categories

One of the main components of Modern day technology is the field of computers. With confidence I can say that one cannot talk of modern technology without mentioning computers. This computing devices in a deeper perspective are categorised into various groups basing on various specifications. In this article I will comprehensively cover the main computer categorisation. All these have their specific application in different fields, from the office where Micro Computers and even Mainframe Computers are used to advanced science laboratories where Super Computers are used in advanced calculations and processes.

Computers are categorised into 5 main categories i.e.

• Super Computers.
• Mainframe Computers.
• Workstation Computers.
• Mini Computers.
• Micro Computers.

Super Computers.

Super are the fastest computing devices in the field of modern technology. This aspect is often in several senses i.e. possession of highest computation rate, largest memory and highest expense in terms of cost. They occupy whole rooms and need great air conditioning and electrical power. They were first introduced in the 1960’s and have since undergone great developments and as such are being used in different research fields such as: Weather forecasting and research and also military science to name but a few.

Mainframe Computers.

This category of computers entails a large ultra-air conditioned computer serving between 100 and 400 users contained in a well secured room. They are mostly used in bulk processing of raw data such as statistical data by government and corporate organisations. Though being faced out by Micro Computers Mainframes have critical usage for major businesses.

Workstation Computer.

This are also called research computers with more computing capacity than ordinary personal computers. They are mostly used in research by scientists, computer software developers and engineers. They are designed to be used by one person at a time and mostly are connected to LAN Networks for ease in exchange of data and information.

Mini computers.

These are mid-sized computers that have lesser capabilities than the mainframe computers. The Mini Computers gave way to the Micro Computers in the late 1990’s after being in great use from the 1980’s. They had great usage in process control, data management and analysis to site a few examples.

Micro Computers.

This are small, moderately inexpensive ordinary computers. Depending on one’s view modern day computing devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and the many other forms of handheld devices can comfortably fit into this category. The usage of such devices is vast from typing and processing of words and numbers to playing video games and running businesses.
In conclusion, the field of computer categories is a vast field with new mini-categories emerging very often. This technological field is very important in the scientific advancements in all areas of the modern human life. So far very many scientific discoveries for the betterment of life on Earth owe great appreciation to computers. In the near future we can only but foresee great human successes and I am 101% sure computer technology will go a long way in aiding such accomplishments.

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