Online Learning Tools are Helping with Health Classes

Online courses have grown in popularity, especially with college students, but recent classes are making big headway in health courses. Why are these classes so important and how can they be beneficial to schools around the world? There are actually a number of ways online learning tools are helping with health classes.

Covered Topics

The most popular covered topics include those about sex, alcohol, and drugs. These are all topics that are either taboo or difficult to get across to students. In some areas, teachers have downright refused to teach sex topics, despite the high numbers of students infected with AIDs. Without proper education, these students continue to pass the disease to others. Yet, because the topic is so taboo, it’s not discussed. Other topics, such as drugs and alcohol, are often discussed in schools, but students rarely pay attention, finding the topic boring or believing that they know best.

Why Online Classes Work

These classes work for a variety of reasons. First of all, many students report that the classes are actually fun to take. Teachers in areas where sex is a difficult topic also appreciate that the software is tailored to their culture. For example, in India, the software uses a couple kissing to signify sex and a woman holding a baby as childbirth. Another benefit is that the software takes the embarrassment out of teaching such material. Teachers don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable and students don’t have to worry about being called on. This allows full focus on the material. For other material, such as that on alcohol and drugs, the process of making the topics fun helps make the material easier for students to remember. When the material is entertaining, students are also more apt to pay attention.


One of the biggest problems is that the software costs money and many small countries around the world, and even cities here in America, don’t have the money to invest in it. Another problem is that the material is best digested by students when there is a combination of instruction from teachers and the software. This means that teachers will still need to have some involvement in these difficult topics.

Teaching students difficult topics through software guided courses could make it much easier for teachers to handle taboo topics.One downfall, however, is that online tools don’t necessary offer the type of tutoring a place like or a teacher could provide. Best of all, students will find the information more entertaining and easier to remember. However, the software works best when in combination with teacher involvement. This means that teachers will still need to have some involvement, but the material should be much easier for students to learn.