New App Technology to Boost Mobile Marketing

By now we know that more people engage the Internet on their Smartphones than they do on their home or office computers. Internet marketing was the focus of 1999/2000 strategies than progressed for a few years, and still continues to capture an audience. But now the meat of business marketing if found on the bones of mobile marketing.

As Smartphone technology advances, so too does the demand for more innovative digital marketing. In 2012 Bruce Spero, Google’s head of mobile sales, announced that mobile Internet usage reached one billion people as being the primary source for accessing the Internet. One year later businesses have been desperately competing to tap into this massive pot of consumers to promote their products and services. It wasn’t until recent years that Smartphone technology boomed, and with it the ability to reach new heights of digital marketing.

The marketing race

Energetic entrepreneurs are scrambling to use app technology to promote their brand in a new digital era. Business growth demands bigger and better technology to reach the millions of mobile users who are looking for a chiropractor or a trendy new restaurant. Digital reality has merged into the physical word to present the science of mobile augmented reality apps in a way that markets brands in our physical realm with assistance from the digital landscape.

How is augmented reality being used?

The newest mobile development platforms are embracing augmented reality in order to introduce users to the people and places around them in real time with digital features. This may sound like it belongs in a science fiction film, but the fact is that businesses have already started using it. People use the cameras in their Smartphones to recognize real-world settings and objects and the app deciphers where and what the objects are. Then, information and content is added to promote products and special offers.

In some cases, this technology is being used in business presentations. For example, Nissan used augmented reality in marketing presentations as an integral part of their product unveiling of the Teana to consumers in China. The response throughout the business world exploded, as marketing and industrial applications were taken to an entirely new level. The augmented reality based presentation was watched by members of the public in Guangzhou that left onlookers thrilled with a stunning presentation that set the bar for competitors.

Great for small business too

You don’t have to be a top Fortune 500 company to use augmented reality in your marketing efforts. Any business can use this technology to reach their consumer base via Smartphones. Simply do some online research and narrow down a few providers that offer this service. If you are opening a hot new bar that you hope will scale the local competitive ladder, then consider offering thirsty college students a virtual bartender that can present the drink menu right in their dorm room. If you are a fashion designer and wish to open a boutique, consider an app that allows buyers to enter a virtual dressing room and see themselves in the garments without actually trying them on.

Augmented reality is already launching mobile marketing to new heights. Be sure to research this amazing marketing platform, and find a provider to help take your business to the next level.

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