How to make a Lenz on Squidoo

There are many ways we can make money with the advancement of technology way of earning money is also increasing. One type of search engine named as Squidoo which is discovered in 2005 in USA. Seth Godin, Megan Cadey, Gil Hildebrand are the key of squidoo. It helps people to create their pages on the internet it is kind of community website. In Oct 2010, its hand-built lenz cost 1.5 million. When key people found this engine in about 2005 they started work on it in the same year. Beta test software launch in same year. The very first version of the software developed by Mr. Viget Labs. Contribution of Key people helps to make this software.

After beta testing around two months later site came and shows 100000 million lenzes in half of the year. Lenz is used in it for private purpose. Squidoo is a website for the user. The definition of the lenz is varying accordingly. In eBook of Squidoo named as “Everyone’s an Expert” describe the meaning of lenz that means the light which is focusing or showing. The lenzes are just like blogs. It also helps to generate revenue. With the help of this everyone wants to earn something by spending some time on it and they also have some referral websites named Amazon and Anyone from the globe can be lenz master can create their own lenz on the internet but he or she has some specific goal for any subject. It is not necessary that the person using Squidoo should be intelligent or expert. Some of lenz in gaming like my space or Line Rider are very famous and its popularity is increasing day by day. Squidoo has many lenzes. It covers many topics which include businesses, about self, cooking, way of living and many more. Most websites can be created by learning HTML.

Squidoo is a user friendly engine in which people can create their own web page without being an HTML expert. In it they develop many multimedia pages. Popularity is increasing day by day and within short period millions of users using Squidoo and create their own page in it. Revenue is an important half of the revenue generated by using Squidoo is distributed towards lenz masters. Now a day people only want to generate money. In any way so generating money from Squidoo is one of the best ways and people doing it at their home. Revenue is generated with many ways by advertising or affiliate. Nearly 50 % of the revenue is donated to charity organization like Chimp Haven; Planet Gumbo etc. year by year donation amount is increasing in years 2010, the denoting amount range up to 275000 dollars.

In the same year they celebrate their 5 anniversary. Squidoo has profiled in many famous television channels. This is one of the best ways to generate money at home with the help of internet and we plenty of more ideas to generate this. If anyone wants to find that idea, then go to internet world and search for it. Part time and full time work available on the internet and from this you can generate good money by sitting in front of a computer and by operating internet.

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