Genesys Certified Professional 2013, Your Career On The High!


Genesys University provides a series of certification for courses which trains students to achieve significant success for the Genesys Certified Professional exams and in the contact centre. The Genesys Certified Professional (GCP) program is an attempt towards esteemed professional studies which grants you a validation of recognized designation for serving Genesys.
Genesys 7 Certification Exams:

GCP7‐System Consultant, Inbound Voice

Partners of Genesys who assists the customers of Genesys and guides them about how to plan, install and configure Genesys Inbound Voice products should take up this certification. This exam is equivalent for Certified Genesys Engineer certification version 6. It is recommended that before taking up this exam you need to prepare in accordance with all the latest changes in functionality and content of the product in 2013.

GCP7‐Developer, Inbound Voice Routing

If you are a routing developer and creates and maintains routing strategies in the contact center then this course is designated towards you. If you already hold the Genesys Routing Professional version 6 then you may choose to be further recognized with Genesys versions 7 for their achievements. You must clear the rigorous certification exam that will test your understanding and mastery of the skills and solutions in order to acquire GCP7-DIV certification.

GCP7‐System Consultant, Genesys Voice Platform

This certification is targeted towards system consultants who install, configure and support Genesys Voice Platform solutions. It is designed primarily for system administrators, consultants and approved subcontractors operating worldwide who assist Genesys customers and partners in planning, installing and configuration of Genesys GVP solutions. This certificate will serve as a proof of your comprehensive knowledge on Genesys Voice Platform solution. If you have acquired this certificate then you will be recognized to have foundational understanding of implementation of procedures, maintain and troubleshooting of the Genesys Voice Platform products.

GCP7‐System Consultant, Genesys Info Mart

This certification is mainly designed for system administrators and consultants who operate worldwide and provide assistance to Genesys customers and partners in planning, installing and configuring GIM solutions. This certificate will provide you a recognition and validation of your skills related to Genesys Info Mart solution

GCP7‐System Consultant, Workforce Management

If you are a WFM partner or scheduler or Forecaster, then this certification is perfect for you. This certification will certify your broad understanding and knowledge of Genesys Workforce Management Planning, Scheduling and Forecasting.

GCP7‐System Consultant, SIP Server

This certification is mainly designated towards Genesys SIP Server System Consultants who conducts the installation and configuration of Genesys SIP Server and also monitors and supports its system. This certification will validate your methodical understanding of how the system efficiently works together and how to make it more effective.

GCP7‐System Consultant, Outbound Voice

If you are familiar with Genesys Outbound Contact Solution (OCS), then this certificate will make you a Genesys certified professions who have a comprehensive knowledge of installing, configuring, implementing procedures, configuring campaign objects, planning deployment, OCS and CDP server architecture, optimizing outbound performance and maintenance of Genesys Outbound Voice products.


You need to follow the preparation track and other training guidance provided by Genesys in order to clear your exam with above average score. The preparatory track is a series of courses that will help you in preparing for different exams. Some of these exams have their own prerequisites. Candidates can view the review of each corresponding exam to get in depth picture of the preparatory track before scheduling and registering for their exam. These certification exams will test you on course work as well as hands-on experience.

A Word of Advice:

Genesys University emphasizes that by taking up GCP program you seriously commit to personally preparing for this exam, study and on-the-job experience. All these certificates will serve as a proof of your knowledge and skills related to these key areas. Each exam will test your various skills and the description of these skills can be found on the official web page. These certifications will boost up your career and grant you opportunities to progress. By completing the GCP program you will not only increase your worth as a professional but also your marketability will be reinforced as a proficient worker in Genesys contact centre solutions.

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