Five Technologies not to Ban in the Office

Since the early 1990s, small handheld electronic devices have plagued bosses and teachers alike as employees and students would sit and tap away manically. Game Boys, Virtual Pets and Mobile Phones have been blamed for inactivity around the world and have been confiscated accordingly. Whilst restricting access may help the tempted avoid temptation, there are a few technologies that bosses should allow in the office.

MP3 Players

In non-customer facing roles, the important aspect of the job is getting the work completed on time and correctly. Much of the manager’s role is to ensure that all employees can work in the environment that best benefits their work ethic. Loud offices can often be counter-productive to producing the ideal work environment for the individual, this is the perfect situation for the MP3 Player. The ability to escape the mire and shouts of colleagues can help relax and focus the individual.

Mobile Phones

The mobile phone is a big no-no in many office spaces wherein the management is concerned about the distracting nature of the device. Many employers may be concerned that employees are busying themselves texting friends or playing Candy Crush. However, the dependency that has been built up upon mobile phones means that their confiscation often leads to feelings of seclusion and dissatisfaction. Rather than removing them, it may be more prudent for employers to simply warn employees who are deemed to use them too much.

Electronic Cigarettes

The cigarette break has long been a mire of the employer. Streams of employees taking 5 minute breaks once an hour can soon lead to significant periods of inactivity. Restricting these breaks can often anger employees and lead to discontent. Allowing the employees to use electronic cigarettes in the office can alleviate this problem. The e cig emits a subtle smell so will not be as noxious for the non-smokers and there are no laws restricting their use indoors.


Moving on from the early 2000s fad of MSN Messenger is its more mature older brother: Skype. Skype has many functions more than its predecessor’s primary use of teen flirtations. Working parents are able to monitor young children who have in-house nanny care for an additional sense of safety. Skype can also aid the instant transfer of files between workers.

Fruit Ninja

Many offices have toyed with the idea of implementing stress relievers for employees to take their anger out upon. These have ranged from small stress balls to gymnasiums. One of the cheapest and most space-efficient stress relievers can be found in the form of a smart phone app – Fruit Ninja. This fun game allows the player to take their anger out on various pieces of fruit. This can help lead to improved calmness amongst the employers, clearer minds and increased output.