5 Enterprise Application Trends to Obtain an Easy Boost during 2013

One of the hot topics to discuss and debate is the quickly changing enterprise IT market. It is not unknown as to how this market is witnessing rocking shifts due to which the enterprises are striving hard meet these changes. In 2012, anything in this market seemed to be faster and flashier. In simple words, the enterprise application market showed quick mutations to tap the power of mobile and social clouds. The enterprise application systems are expected to show up some more similar changes even during 2013. Assuming the dynamic spirit of the software market, the epitome for 2013 is surely ‘Change’.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will Not be an Issue

The threat of BYOD will be resolved by using the cloud technology. It has been predicted that several It platforms for support will be more easily managed and that security will be handled more profoundly at an enterprise level, if the cloud applications and architectures are well employed. The enterprise apps will now no longer be secured only at the individual device level. Cloud security will be available for several devices and platforms accessing the apps. Such a change will help businesses to alleviate IT administration for aligning the operations with updates and patches.

Enterprise Resource Planning will Strengthen Further

ERP-focused firms who are planning to expand their assistance will keep on purchasing smaller specific functionalities for boosting their exclusive suite. For instance, firms such as Oracle and NetSuite already have started to buy solutions for expanding their ERP scope. Therefore, it is a high time for vendors to introduce more functionality whose lack can make them fall behind in the ERP race if they fail to offer what the ERP firms are looking for. Generally, these firms are in search of some more modules for executing their ERP processes.

Doing More Will be Possible with Less

The continual optimization of the enterprise application system will allow firms to do more with less. This will entail changes to the currently existing processes as well as re-designing the execution of business operations. When done properly, these changes will tend to eliminate the old issues in the new system. Consulting companies that are specialists in offering ERP optimization services are already in a good position in the market.

Social Media Will Gain More Importance but Will Result in Subdivisions

There is no doubt that the usage of social media will intensify in terms of market usage as a whole. In fact, all age groups will be depending on this platform to some extent. However, the discriminating factor of this usage will depend upon subject and interactions. It has been predicted those using social media will be inclined to niche-specific resources. For example, business professionals who are in need of information will be routed towards the industry sites and forums such as ITToolbox, Technorati, Pinterest, and Twitter where they can find impartial and user-centric valuable information for the benefit of the target users. In this way, the social media usage will lead to the diversification of industry demographics.

Bio: Hugh O’Berry is an enterprise application manager in one of the most leading IT firms in San Francisco. He has been into this field since ten years. Hugh desires to come up with some of the most inconceivable enterprise application systems that can be used to solve any existing problems in the world of ERP. As a result, he spends most of his time in researching about the enterprise software strategies as well as architecture. According to Hugh, an enterprise IT system should be such that it entails the most desired features of dynamism, customization, flexibility, and scalability for enjoying maximum benefits.