Top 5 Ways In Which Volume Licensing Services Can Aid your Business

When organizations need to have many or multiple licenses, such as licenses for Microsoft products, the program that takes care to manage the same, is called volume licensing service. In a sense, volume licensing service or program caters to organizations which do not need the documentation or copies of multiple licenses for software media, at the same time have the need for multiple licenses.

Volume Licensing services are helpful in many ways. Organizations benefit from reduced pricing, license agreements for two to three years and also the rights to use products which are not included as part of the Full Packaged Product (FPP). In some cases, this involves the rights to be able to copy certain software on other devices or more than one device.

Wholesome Management Of Program Licenses

Though it seems simple apparently, volume licensing is quite a complex process and needs expertise to handle. In order to manage the bulk of licenses, it is convenient for organizations to seek the services of Volume Licensing to manage and complete the process. Thus it is important to identify the kind and volume of licenses so that the support program can be implemented. The service is actually the critical factor or the key to managing the licensing agreement successfully and with ease. Apart from making provisions for software audits, tracking and managing the license agreements, planning asset management, Volume Licensing helps to save costs as well.

Compliance Management

Further, the service enables organizations to maintain compliance with licensing and forecast the deployments of the software. Effectively, the licensing service enables the organizations to attend to important or central business activities, rather than spending time and money on the management of licenses. Businesses can focus on other critical issues of the organization and utilize time and resources efficiently.

Managing Licensing Needs On Different Platforms And Devices

Another aspect of Volume Licensing is maximizing benefits of Software Assurance. The program also updates organizations in terms of what licenses are required to run different software on varied devices, and under varied scenarios, for example through VDI, in cloud and on-site. Through deployment on the desktop, the organization’s desktop volume licensing can be taken care of. All these issues can be easily and deftly managed by the Volume Licensing service program.

Regulation Of Application Access

Clients can thus stay abreast of their volume licensing needs by using the Volume Licensing program. License enrollment and tracking becomes easier through the service of volume licensing. Tracking license reports becomes easier as well. The program enables organizations to assign users, manage permissions as well as check who is accessing their service information for volume licensing within the company itself.

Distribution Of Required Features Over Users

Organizations can download software using the same service and access product keys. They can use the features of Software Assurance; technical support and training kit. Different organizations can get access to different features of the program of volume licensing. Administrators are able to remove and also assign permissions for volume licensing services. The program enables organizations to therefore manage all their software assets with proper licensing without getting involved in the mundane details and allows for the freedom to concentrate on core organizational issues.

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