Exploring IBM’s iSeries Cloud

The cloud computing technology has gained power over the years and is still growing with a great pace. Today, it is the most likable way by which tech giants provide their products and services to their customers. The technology offers various IT resources and a range of tools to users around the world using a network. The IT resources are located on remote servers, thus eliminate the on-site cost of services and infrastructure. Cloud computing is gaining global reach as it provides simple and handy technology solutions and services to organizations worldwide, which in-turn help them make the most out of their businesses.

For companies running their businesses solely on Windows or Linux environments, it’s time now to move on with a platform that offers cloud solutions. To enjoy robust cloud computing solutions, IBM iSeries has come up with solutions not just for large or middle-sized businesses, but also catering the cloud needs of small enterprises.

The iSeries Cloud is a cloud computing environment offered by IBM which gives administered private and shared LPAR services to patrons to leverage them solutions for manufacturing or target failure resurgence. The LPAR services are swift to deploy, and offer pliant configurations with complete management performed by iSeries accredited specialists.

iSeries Cloud  provides customized business solutions by offering administered services like iOS, disk storage, tape solutions, batch monitoring and processing, system administration, and add or remove of capacity as per requirement.

The iSeries Cloud environments give great performance and enterprise architecture with indispensable security features that elevate business critical applications to a higher level. With the iSeries Cloud, IBM enables the companies to reach markets and customers the companies have never been able to target before.

Companies can also make quick and more agile IT departments by utilizing the benefits of agility, scalability and reasonable price intrinsic in an iSeries cloud environment. From iSeries Cloud, the organizations can benefit in the following ways:

  • Trim down the entire fee of processes with lesser maintenance expenses and data center overheads.
  • Cut down capital expenses by simply paying for needed resources.
  • Rationalize change control processes.
  • To keep up the pace with projects and resource critical business ideas, scale the environments as per need or requirement.

The IBM’s iSeries Cloud solution presents various features to its customers not just limited to great price or performance, but the customers with their companies running on modern technologies will also get:

  • Unconstrained access to IBM software applications.
  • All year around 24 x 7, free IBM Software & Hardware Maintenance coverage.
  • Mechanized backups with no extra charges.
  • With reasonable rates, on-site hardware system management performed by IBM’s specialized engineers.

iSeries Cloud also enables its customers to bring their applications to the cloud with software as a service model, and share the applications worldwide.

  • The IBM iSeries Cloud is ideal for the delivery of SaaS applications as the platform is mature, stable and secure.
  • By decreasing the infrastructure costs, value proposition for customers can be enhanced.
  • Lets your applications be accessible via HTTP, FTP, VPN client, site to site VPN, etc.
  • With quick provisioning of sandboxes and new systems, accelerates the sales and customer time-to-benefit.
  • Decreases capital expenditure for you and your customers by scaling on demand.