Manage Your Project On The Cloud. Cutting Edge Project Management Software

Before the turn of the millennium it was relatively hard to manage projects across long distances. Businesses would keep projects as localized as possible so that resources didn’t get scattered and anything that did go out would have to be sent via either fax machine or courier, meaning printing costs, potential to lose things, long waits and so forth. Needless to say managing a project was a bit of a hassle made worse by distance. In the early ‘90s and onward after that, however, the internet became a much more accessible resource for the world, and helped connect people across vast distances. But this connection didn’t yield great results since there was no efficient way to utilize it, and it was merely a step above faxing in terms of usefulness. A few more years passed and the internet developed closer to what it is today, until finally the idea of the Cloud was created.

A Cloud is a network of computers and devices that makes the resources of the network available to any device connected to it. Typically there are the central computers where the data is all hosted and stored, and the peripheral devices that allow people to access the Cloud from anywhere, on anything, in order to continue work on their project. The Cloud revolutionized project management and allowed people to share crucial documents without any effort whatsoever, having them accessible from a central host instead of having to send them around to all of the different people involved. Of course there is still some sending that goes on, but with the Cloud everything is much more streamlined, much easier to handle and easier to keep track of, which makes project management infinitely easier. It’s just a matter, then, of finding software that interacts with a Cloud efficiently enough to meet your needs.


In order to do this your best bet is to look for the cutting edge software for Cloud and project management. There is a lot available but fortunately there is also a large community on the internet dedicated to efficient project management. Finding people who know more about the topic can help you find something that meets your needs perfectly. Of course if you don’t have specific or high demand needs then perhaps look into some of the basic, all-purpose software on the market, such as SharePoint, Microsoft’s own solution to Cloud project management. Because it’s from Microsoft it integrates perfectly with all of the major Microsoft Office programs, which makes it ideal for most projects. It also features very streamlined and easy to use.

Inloox Project Management Software

The problem with SharePoint, however, is it tries to tend to the entire market. The unfortunate thing with this is smaller projects and larger projects have very different needs. If you’re working on a smaller project you might want much more accessibility, as all the small things matter in this case, so finding a program that offers particulars meant for small or medium projects is very important. Fortunately such a program is available in the form of InLoox. InLoox is a project planning software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook and uses a Cloud network in order to make everything streamlined. It’s designed for small to medium projects and contains significantly more organizational abilities and an easy to use interface. Overall it’s great for everything but those major corporate projects.