Conversions in ecommerce: A Few Tricks from Number 10

Web design india
Web design india

You hear people say that to the breaking SEO and conversion optimization are like two sides of the same coin, two halves of the same platonic apple. I agree, but I would use a football metaphor: I think that SEO is like the middle one that retrieves the ball (read requests), but the way they are exploited depends on the good foot playmaker, in this case the optimization conversions and usability.

I return to my blog post sull’ecommerce a few months ago to move the lens by fatigue abroad at the hard work that is done to capture traffic to its fructification. Concretely, it is this: to provide information and set the process in order to induce you to buy them easily. And why not, to make other types of conversion. Any suggestions? I’m here …

Quick View

Not expecting it eh? Well, at least as I understand it is not an ingredient that you often hear about. But in hindsight it seems very useful in simplifying and speeding up the buying process. This is the rapid opening of a sort of pop-up panel for a product: it can be included basic information on it, some pictures and our precious call to action.

Through the quick view will reduce significantly the time required for a user to read information and add a product to the cart, eliminating the need to load an entire page of the site. The browsing experience will become faster and smoother. But be careful not to overload the panel too many items, or you run the risk that the call to action is lost in a jungle of details: for them, better to postpone to a page depth.


The video is an invaluable tool that can find space on a page product like cheese on macaroni classic. Nothing like a short film that manages to compress and effectively communicate information about a product. It does not matter if you do not have available to make a blockbuster Steven Spielberg on the mats for cars that sell: you can very well present a sequence of images (perhaps the product during use), suitably accompanied by details.

The video, then, can become very useful at the level of engagement, since by nature is among the types of content more shared in social. Of course, not all products can be protagonists of an immersive video, but be creative! Who would have thought of banal as those of Blended blenders were to become global superstars? A good dose of originality and humor could set in motion the mechanism that each viral Social Media Guru respectable sees as a coveted Holy Grail.

Will be trivial, but the first step in the flow of conversion is the ‘access to the site. With regard to the search engines, it is the synthesis of a click on the page that appears in the results, the so-called “snippets”. is a protocol to organize the information contained in the source code of a page, so that some of them already appear in the pages of the engine after a search.

By setting the code of a product page according to the instructions of, we can ensure that, at the moment in which it will appear between the results of search, the user of the present information in multiple causing more easily to click on the snippet. These elements may include a photo, a price range, a vote of users. The classic yellow stars of their own ratings are among the most effective to increase the CTR level SERP, because they rarely escape the gaze of the user.

Squeeze every last drop

Why stop the purchase process? Of course, the crux of the matter is, we want the pennies in his pocket. But once the payment has not been our client to abandon himself to the final page of thanks, kissing hands and feet as well as for helping to feed our children, we try to ask one last effort. A ‘subscription to a newsletter for latest updates or like our flourishing Face book page can be sure of good ideas from a perspective of loyalty.

What do you think? Certainly do not pretend to have exhausted the subject. In fact I do not want! Otherwise, the comments box below that we have to do? So, have your say, shoot a few ideas! I cannot wait to read and respond in kind.

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