Samsung Being the Leaders for Shipping off Mobile Phones

Samsung made record rather broke all the regards for the best ever company to ship off its products.

With Apple facing a tragic downfall in the market, Samsung is leading the charts. While Nokia too crashed off to 20% decrease in the recent few years.

Samsung is really making high with a huge launch line-up, application making and of course launch of newer innovative gadgets it is already hitting the news. Moreover the recent havoc downfall of Apple at the stock market has also helped Samsung to expand its empire in the market. With a successful show up at the CES Samsung made its first move, followed by good marketing strategies, it is actually making big. Moreover Blackberry to fell off its position by the beginning of the year, and that was all the very time when Samsung managed to stand up and fight up.

The current changes in the market on the grounds of electronic gadgets specifically in the middle-East, Africa and North America are causing a change in the taste of the consumers and supposedly Samsung did its best to hit the right chord. This is all affecting the ups and downs of graphs in the stock market.

The Galaxy phones of Samsung made most of the task to hold a great position in the market and that even helped it to shot Samsung into the fame. Galaxy phones have helped Samsung a lot to grab attention of the consumers. The Samsung Galaxy 5, the newest model of Samsung is about to launch by February of the running year, probably that is the next big thing to be launched by Samsung. Again as Apple and Blackberry are facing crisis currently, it can be assumed that Samsung going to make huge profits out of its newest launch. This would in turn boost up its position and have high ranks at the stock market.

Samsung is ruling as a star in the current techno market and thus getting converted itself to a techno giant.

The shipment chart says that it has reached to a record of 700 million units by the end of last year. That was really a great change from that actually did happen in 2011. Most of the shipments occur in Europe and North America.

Once again Samsung is leading in the field of technology and grabbed 30% of the market Apple and Blackberry lagging behind. It actually made about 80% profit from the market, with Galaxy phones and yet about to bag a huge round of profit with its newer innovative inventions.

Its profit is actually based on mobile phones that is getting doubled every time and especially did the best job since the last three months.

Experts even went up saying that they would be launch of Apple I-phone 5, there might be meager chances of Samsung to get a bit deviated from its position that it is holding currently. However last week it really did well and even better than that done by the Apple. Hence led the charts at Wall Street.