Online Education To Bring More Students In The Arena Of Study

Online Education

Education is a thing which needs to be spread as much as possible. Mr. Jerry Brown is just trying to spread education among more students through online education courses from various universities in the state and thus the California Government is trying to increase their access to more and more students. This initiative will also reduce the education cost of the students.

An agreement has been made between the online education provider and San Jose State University and it was announced on 15th January. Mr. Sebastian Thrun who conducted the whole thing after getting the phone calls from the Governor and he was extremely excited with the outcome of it. This online course will be offered to 300 students in the state. No credit or charge will be taken from the students who will want to join this class.

Though the classes will be taken online, five faculties of the university will be there as a mentor to the students. These mentors will help the students to study online. They will also help the research time to see whether this online education programs are effective for the students or not.

Online Education

This is actually going to be a development and research project to see the role of the faculties in the education system. It will also be seen that if any technology can help them to make the study easier and more enjoyable. They want to improve the environment of learning so that the students can become more successful.

There is no doubt about the fact that the California Government spends a lot of money for the betterment of the students. They invest a lot of money to improve the condition of schools. Therefore, it is quite clear that they will want good result from the students. For them, it is not only necessary to motivate more students intellectually, but they have to look after the success of those students also.

The government of California has understood the need of their future student to be smarter and through online education, it will be possible to motivate more and more student in the study and thus the system of study will also be developed.

They want to create an education system which will be full of quality. If a student at anywhere in the state is willing to study, the government will be ready to help them at any time. Online education courses are going to help them a lot in this regard.

It will also bring those students in the arena of study who are poor and does not have enough money to continue their academic’s life. Online courses will need less amount of money and definitely it will be more supportive of the students.

Governor of California has already announced to use $10 million to bring more technology in the field of study so that the success rate of the students gets higher. Therefore, online education courses are going to become more and more popular in the United States in the years to come.