Online Education – A guide to the future of education

Online Education

The universities and colleges all over the country are going through a final crisis. This financial crisis is damaging both the intellectual as well as economical future of the students.

Online EducationThe start of the problem is from the fact that legislature has been simply taking of their investments. In the age of inflation, it is becoming more and more difficult for the universities to cope up with the financial crisis. As a result the universities are going under a heap load of debts. They are cutting off valuable faculties who are moving to private universities. They also have to cut off many programs, and as a result, all the students enrolled under those programs are also dismissed.

Also to cope up with the crisis, the universities have to increase the tuition fee which is again resulting in students dropping off. In this situation there is a serious loss of talent, both in students and faculty. It is leading the country towards an uneducated future.

There is not much hope in the future also as the financial crisis is not heading towards any stability. And as a result there will be much more loss of talent and intellect. Under these circumstances an alternative is very important.

The only available solution to the present educational problem is online education. Online education facilitates student to study from their homes by enrolling under a college online. They will also be getting the tuitions from their homes. Online education offers the same amount of learning measures at a much reduced cost.

Online education is cheaper for the students as they do not have to pay for many subsidiaries. The subsidiaries include hostel fees, food, sports and gym facilities etc. These costs make up for about 30 to 50 percent of the total costs of tuition fees. Thus we can say online education is 50 percent cheaper.

Online education is now gaining popularity. As per studies, online education is opted for by more number of students than traditional medium of education. Although online education is more popular in post graduate students, it is estimated that it will be equally popular in under graduate students.

The statistics have given a clear picture of the situation. It proves that the financial crisis is going to prevail in the future, and there will be more problems with the funding of universities. Although online education is not the answer to all the financial problems, it is a direction in the right path.

Some universities, however, are not open to the idea of online education. They protest it on the grounds that it is making education a matter of whim. It is expected, however, that in the not so distant future, this universities will also come around the idea of online education.

The institutions that have already taken up online education are doing a lot better than those who haven’t. Online education is for the future. It ensures job security for both faculties and students and thus help the country move towards financial stability.

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