Warm welcome for Apple iPad mini in NewYork

It has only been a few days since iPad mini from Apple Inc. has hit the stores across the globe and just like the early Apple release, this release was also able to attract a large crowd, especially in New York. The crowd does not seem to disperse until now, as people are flocking to the stores in US asking for the new iPad mini. Even though cheaper tabs from Amazon.com and Google Inc might have slashed the demand for iPad mini, as it is evident from the shorter lines of customers in stores across Amsterdam,Tokyo, and Sydney, but the market in New York speaks of a different story.

 Apple iPad mini

Fans crowding outside the store

Apple’s iPad mini featuring a 7.9-inch screen is its first step towards the small tablet sector and this release is the first major release after co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs death. Despite of early morning chill and unavailability of public transport, crowd showed up outside Apple store onFifth Avenue. Every fan had a different story to tell. Lisa Sieber, fromGermany, came all the way to the store riding on her bicycle. She admits how one is attracted to Apple products.

Mixed reactions around the world

The city is still struggling with the devastation caused bySandy, and so some of the residents were a little bit disappointed due to delayed opening of the Apple store until 10 a.m. in morning. Normally the store opens up by eight, so some of the students showed up in front of the store at 6.30 a.m. only, so that they do not miss a chance to lay their hands on the Apple iPad mini, which is first of its kind from Apple. Some even complained very loudly when they found out about the delayed opening of the store after arriving at the venue.

On US West Coast, a few hundred people showed up outside the new store of Apple inCalifornia, situated nearCupertinoheadquarters of the company. In fact, the staff at the store seems to be more in number as compared to the customers. Even after the release, the shares of Apple were still down by 2.5 percent. With the iPad mini Apple is trying to give an edge to Kindle Fire from Amazon and Google’s Nexus 7. This is the latest development in the war of tabs going around the world with giant players entering into the mini tab segment.

Until now, iPad mini has gathered positive reviews. However, the hefty price tag attracted some flaks from the customers along with the screen, which is considered substandard as compared to Nexus 7 and other latest tabs of this category. Other features of iPad mini are similar to the full-sized tablet from Apple. The expected sale of iPad mini is estimated amid 1 million to 1.5 million in the very first week after its release. This falls short of the sale of iPads that were sold in March last year. Reviewers much-admired the availability of all the features of full-sized iPad into the mini version of iPad, but still to some, the iPad mini is still a costly affair.